Learn Most Frequently Asked Words For SSC Exams (2)

PRELUDES                               BLEAK                        DRAB                               TRANQUIL                                   
                            MELLIFLUOUS                                  CYNOSURE                                                FASCINATION                                      FACETIOUS                                         SWIFT   

           PRELUDE (N/V)   [prel-yood, preyl-, prey-lood]
  • a short piece of music, especially an introduction to a longer piece music that introduces an act in an opera
  • a first part or stage of subsequent events
  • an action or event that happens before another more important one and forms an introduction to it
Adjective- Preludial
Mind Tricks-
 Word Prelude comes from Latin word "praeludere" meaning 'play beforehand', from prae means 'before' and ludere means 'to play'.
Conclude is the end and Prelude is the Start.
Pahle[at begining] looto (Prelude sounds like "pahle looto")  (hindi).
At begining, they prowl and loot. (Prelude sounds like prowl loot)
  1. This attack is just a prelude to a larger attack.
  2. These advertisement is a prelude of film.
        BLEAK (Adj./N)   [bleek]
  • not encouraging or giving any reason to have hope 
  • unfavorable place to life for sheltering 
  • cold and unpleasant weather condition
Mind Tricks-
Word bleak has German origin and related to bleach.
This is Big LEAK for our company, now no hope to rise.
Bleach powder provides unfavorable place to life of small insects. 
  1. Life for an unmarried woman can be bleak.
  2. A bleak winter's day

           DRAB (Adj./N)    [drab]
  • without interest, dull and boring
  • lack of charm, joy
  • less or not colorful
Mind Tricks-
Word Drab comes from Old French word drap(from Latin drappus) meaning 'undyed and colourless cloth '.
Dr. AB(Drab) is very boring(drab) person.
Drop (drab) of water is colourless.
  1. She looked drab and ordinary today.
  2. I have drab work to do.

          TRANQUIL (Adj.)    [trang-kwil]
  • peacefulness and quietness 
  • free from storm or wind (about weather)
Noun- Tranquillity/Tranquility
Verb- Tranquilize
Mind Tricks-
Word Tranquil comes from Latin tranquillus means "quiet".
Train is quiet means train is in tranquil(quitness) positions.
  1. Our city is a tranquil place.
  2. The town looked tranquil in the evening sunlight.

          MELLIFLUOUS (Adj.)     [muh-lif-loo-uhs]
  • pleasing melody to ear
  • sounding sweet and smooth
  • very pleasant to listen 
Noun- Mellifluousness
Mind Tricks-
Word Mellifluous comes from Latin word mellifluus, from mel means 'honey' and fluere means 'to flow'.
Mili sang flawlessly, that's why her song was very pleasant to listen.
  1. Both girls had mellifluous voices and piano training.
  2. Her voice is very mellifluous.

          CYNOSURE (N)    [sahy-nuh-shoor]
  • a person or thing that is the center of attention
  • something that attracts attention
  • something that provides direction
Mind Tricks-
Word Cynosure comes from Latin word cynosura meaning "dog's tail , the constellation"(now Ursa Minor), which is also the center point for navigation and center point for navigator.
Dinosaur in park is center of attention.
Ram was the cynosure off all females.
My mobile acts as cynosure for me.

          FASCINATION  (N)     [fas-uh-ney-shuhn] 
  • a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment
  • a very strong attraction, that makes something very interesting
Verb- Fascinate
Mind Tricks-
Fancy is Fascination.
  1. London has a fascination all of its own.
  2. Cartoon holds a fascination for most children.

          FACETIOUS  (Adj.)       [fuh-see-shuhs]
  • trying to be amusing and intelligent
  • over and extra amusing
Noun- Facetiousness
Mind Tricks-
Word Facetious comes from Latin words "facetia and facetus" which means jest and witty.
Jokers's Faces see us, we start laughing. 
Face tease means Facetious .
  1. Stop being facetious, this is serious.
  2. He cast a facetious look at the old woman as he departed.

          SWIFT  (Adj./N)       [swift]
  • happening or done quickly and immediately
  • doing something quickly
  • moving very quickly
  • a small bird (N)
Mind Tricks-
Word Swift comes form Old English word "swifan" which means "move in a course and sweep".
Swift car moves very quickly
  1. They moved swiftly to the rescue.
  2. He moved with surprising swiftness for a man of his age.

          FATUOUS (Adj.)     [fach-oo-uhs]
  • stupid
  • lack of intelligence
Noun- Fatuity, fatuousness
Mind Tricks-
Word Fatuous comes from Latin word "fatuus" which means 'foolish'.
Fatuous sounds like "Foolish".
Fatuous is Phaltu(Hindi).
Fat use with lack of intelligence for medical experiment.
F.A.L.T.U (Bollywood's film) movie is full of stupid character (fatuous). 
  1. Their arguments are completely fatuous.
  2. Rohit is a fatuous boy.
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