Memory Trick Learning Of English Vocab Of SSC Exams (3)

RETARD                   SCURRILOUS                PROLIFIC     TRAUMA                        CONFINE
PASSION                  TRAMP                            PILGRIM    

                         VITIATE          RETALIATE

          RETARD (N/V)  [ri-tahrd]
  • to make the development or progress of something slower
  • slow the growth or development of
  • an offensive way of describing somebody who is not intelligent or who has not developed normally (N)
  • a person who has less intelligence
Adjective- retarded
Mind Tricks-
Retard form Latin word retardare, from re- 'back' and  tardus- 'slow'
If you get Retired means you get Retarded.
  1. Development of road is being retarded by some local leaders.

          SCURRILOUS (Adj.)  [skur-uh-luhs]
  • very rude and insulting, and intended to damage somebody's reputation
Adverb- scurrilously
Noun- scurrility, scurrilousness
Mind Tricks- 
Scurrilous comes from Latin word scurra means a person who behave badly.
Language that SCARE US is SCURRILOUS language.
  1. She used scurrilous words for me.
  2. We should not behave scurrilously.

          PROLIFIC (Adj.)  [pruh-lif-ik]
  • producing many works, etc (of an artist, a writer)
  • producing a lot of fruit, flowers, young, etc(of plants, animals, etc)
  • able to produce enough food, etc. to keep many animals and plants above existing in large numbers
Noun- prolificness
Adverb- prolifically
Mind Tricks-
Pro(advance) life is prolific (increasing the numbers of animals and plants).
Profitable is prolific.
  1. Picasso was extremely prolific man.
  2. He is a prolific striker.

          TRAUMA (N)  [trou-muh]
  • an injury
  • a mental condition caused by severe shock, especially when the harmful effects last for long time
  • any physical damage to the body caused by violence, accident or fracture
Verb- traumatise, traumatize
Adjective- traumatic
Mind Tricks-
Todo ma  apne trauma ko aur life ko enjoy karo. (hindi)
  1. It can take a long time to get over such trauma.
  2. The children showed no signs of trauma.

          CONFINE (V)  [kuhn-fahyn]
  • restrict, place limits
  • to keep somebody or something inside the limits of a particular activity, subject , area, etc
  • to keep a person or an animal in a small or closed space
Noun- confinement
Adjective- confined
Mind Tricks- 
Confine comes from Latin word Confinia, as con means 'together' + finis(fine) means 'end, limit'.
On fine, he gets out of confine.
  1. She was confined to bed with the flu.
  2. He was confined to a wheelchair after the accident.

          PASSION (N)  [pash-uhn]
  • a strong feeling or emotion
  • something that is desired intensely
  • any object of warm affection or devotion
Verb- impassion
Adjective- passional
Mind Tricks-
Fashion is passion.
Passion plus motorcycle is my passion.
  1. As time went by the passion cooled.
  2. He has passion for reading.

          TRAMP (N/V)  [tramp]
  • a person with no home or job who travels from place to place, usually asking people in the street for food or money
  • the sound of somebody's heavy steps
  • a long walk, travel on foot
  • a woman who has many sexual partners (old fashioned)
  • to walk with heavy or noisy steps, especially for a long time (V)
Adjective- trampy, trampish
Mind Tricks-
Travelling on RAMP(road) is TRAMP.
  1. She has been tramping the streets looking for a job.
  2. His mother was a tramp.

          PILGRIM (N)  [pil-grim]
  • someone who travels outside of his/her home country
  • a person who travels to a holy place for religious reasons
  • a member of the group of English people moved to America
Mind Tricks-
Pilgrim comes from Latin word peregrinus means foreign, from peregre means abroad.
A pile(large collection of somethings) of letters ,received from people, look grim  for pilgrim.
Pilgrim for Pegambar.
  1. Muslim pilgrims on their way to Mecca.
  2. TV reported bemused tourist and pilgrims in St. Peter's Square.

          VITIATE (V) [vish-ee-eyt]
  • make imperfect
  • to spoil or reduce the effect of something
Noun- vitiation
Adjective- vitiated
Mind Tricks-
Vitiate taken from Latin word vitiat (V-vitiare) means "impaired". 
Vitiate sounds like Vicious(anger and hatred), Vitiate is anto(opposite) of mitigate.
 Vitiate sounds like 'fish we ate'; Fish we ate in party, vitiated my stomach.
 Vish (hindi) ate means spoiling your health.
  1. Terrorist may vitiate the peace process.
  2. Bad relationship vitiates our social status.

          RETALIATE (V)  [ri-tal-ee-eyt]
  • to take revenge
  • to do something harmful to somebody because they have harmed you first
Noun- retaliation
Adjective- retaliatory, retaliative
Mind Tricks-
Retaliate comes from Latin word 'retaliare' , re means "back, again" and taliare means "such" allover meaning "a powerful return".
Retali(a girl's name) ate her brother's tiffin as she took revenge from her brother.
They boy hit his sister, who retaliated by kicking him.
The Army retaliate from terrorist.

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