Memory Tricks For Vocabulary Learning (2)

   DABBLE       APPEASE        APPOSITE         ACCOUTRE               BESMIRCH 
          DIRE                         DENIZEN                  DELUGE            DECIMATE                  
                     CONFIDANT                 CONFOUND                COMELY          COMMOTION

Learn Vocabulary Easily With Memory Tricks

          DABBLE (V)
  • not working seriously
  • to take part in some activities, but not seriously
  • to move hands, feet around in water
Mind Tricks-
His Dub is dabbling (not working seriously) of his role.
Babbling because of Dabbling .

          APPEASE (V)
  • to make somebody calmer or less angry by giving them what they want
  • to give a country what it wants in order to avoid war
Mind Tricks-
Child gets appeased(to make somebody calmer) after taking a piece of Chocolate. (appease sounds like a piece)

          APPOSITE (Adj)
  • very fitting and relevant
  • very appropriate for a particular situation
Mind Tricks-
Appropriate site is apposite.

          ACCOUTRE (V)
  • to dress somebody in a particular type of clothing
  • to provide or equip with military equipment
Mind Tricks-
A new scooter was equipped by (accoutre) flowers.(scooter sounds like accoutre)

          BESMIRCH (V)
  • to dirty someone's reputation
  • to damage the opinion that people have of somebody or something
Mind Tricks-
Bees(hindi of 20 ) March ko hamare President ka reputation damage hua tha.
Don't Be Smirk because it besmirches.

          DIRE  (Adj)
  • very serious
  • very bad
  • any events that cause great fear and worry
Mind Tricks-
General Dyre(Dyre sounds like Dire) was a very bad and serious person.
Fire is Dire.

          DENIZEN (N)
  • inhabitant, citizen
  • a person, plant, animal inhabits a particular place
Mind Tricks- 
Citizen is Denizen.

          DELUGE (N/V)
  • a sudden very heavy fall of rain (n)
  • to send or give somebody large number of things at the same time
Mind Tricks-
Daily huge fall of rain in our city.
DELL supplies a hUGE numbers of laptop.

          DECIMATE (V/N)
  • to kill large numbers of animals, plants or people in a particular area
  • to severely damage something
Mind Tricks-
We killed large numbers of our Desi (hindi) mate(friend).
He Deceives his mate that severely damage his career.

          CONFIDANT (N)
  • a person that you trust and who you talk to 
  • about private or secret things
Mind Tricks-
Be confident with your Confidant.
A person with whom you confide something.

          CONFOUND (V)
  • to confuse and surprise somebody
  • to prove somebody or something wrong
Mind Tricks-
Chemistry compounds are always confound.
We get confused and surprised when diamonds come to be found inside my pocket.

          COMELY (Adj)
  • very attractive
  • pleasant to look at
Mind Tricks-
A comely(attractive) girl said "come lie with me".
Komaliya(hindi girl's name) is very attractive girl.
Comely means Komal (Hindi)

          COMMOTION (N)
  • confused movement
  • sudden noisy confusion or excitement
  • a disorderly outburst 
Mind Tricks-
Suddenly Come to motion is commotion
When people come to motion, it gets noisy disturbance.
  1. What is the meaning of DABBLE ?
  2. What is the meaning of APPEASE ?       
  3. What is the meaning of APPOSITE ?      
  4. What is the meaning of ACCOUTRE ?            
  5. What is the meaning of BESMIRCH ?
  6. What is the meaning of DIRE ?                     
  7. What is the meaning of DENIZEN ?                 
  8. What is the meaning of DELUGE ?    
  9. What is the meaning of DECIMATE ?               
  10. What is the meaning of CONFIDANT ?            
  11. What is the meaning of CONFOUND ?            
  12. What is the meaning of COMELY ?        
  13. What is the meaning of COMMOTION ?

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