Memory Tricks For Vocabulary Learning

ACCLAIM         ABROGATE                        ABRIDGE                   BACCHANALIAN            BALMY                 BARRAGE                     CAMOUFLAGE                   CANDID   DEBAUCHED                                                                       DEBONAIR  
                          COROLLARY                BENEVOLENT             ARCANE

Learn Vocabulary Easily With Memory Tricks

          ACCLAIM (V/N)
  • to praise or welcome somebody publicly
  • praise, acclamation
Mind Tricks-
Acclaim from Latin 'acclamare' as ad means "to" and clamare means "to shout".
A claim is made(claiming he is my brother) to praise somebody.
(Accl+aim) when you accomplish aim you will be praised (acclaimed).
If you keep Claiming more money, people acclaim you.

          ABROGATE (V)
  • to officially end a law, an agreement, etc
Mind Tricks-
Abrogate from Latin "abrogare" as prefix ab means " away from " and rogare means "propose a law".
A brogue(heavy shoe) is abolished(abrogate) for army. 
Ab Ro GATE ka exam government ne abolished, cancel kar diya (abrogate).(hindi)
          ABRIDGE (V)
  • to make something shorter by leaving part out such as a book, play, movie, etc..
  • reduce something while retaining essential elements.
Mind Trick-
A bridge is being made to shorten the

          BACCHANALIAN (Adj.)  [bak-uh-ney-lee-uhn]
  • wild and involving large amounts of alcohol in a party, etc.
Mind Tricks-
Bacchanalian from the Greek god Bacchus, the god of wine and wild enjoyment.
(Amitabh bachchan)Bacchan and Alian gets bacchanalaian after drinking wine.

          COROLLARY (N)
  • natural consequence of something else
  • a practical consequence that follows naturally
  • something that incidentally or naturally accompanies 
Mind Trick-
(corollary)Natural consequence of crore money is always good. 

          BALMY (Adj)
  • mild, soft, pleasant
  • warm and pleasant (air, weather)
Mind Tricks-
(bal is hindi of hair)Bal ! My  bal is soft and pleasant. (hindi)
(a great Indian poet)Balmiki was a Balmy poet.
Balm is very warm and pleasant to my body.

          BARRAGE (N)
  • the continuous firing of a large number of guns in a particular direction
  • a large number of somethings coming from
Mind Tricks-
When Beers Rage, they attack continuously on somebody.
Continuous firing(barrage) form enemy side on our barrack.

          CAMOUFLAGE (N/V)
  • a way of hiding soldiers and military equipment, using paint, leaves or nets so that they look like part of their 
  • surroundings (N)
  • to hide somebody or something making them or it look like the things around, or like something else(V)
Mind Tricks-
Camouflage from Italian camuffare means deceive.
Come Under flag to hide yourself.

          DEBAUCHED (Adj.)
  • a person who is immoral in their behaviour, drinks a lot of alcohol, takes drugs, etc.
Mind Tricks-
Debauched are those men who are not be watached by their parents.
Dev ko watched nahi kiya to wo  bhi debauched ban jayega. (hindi)

          DEBONAIR (Adj.)
  • fashionable and confident
Mind Tricks-
Word Debonair comes from Old French debonaire, from de bon' aire meaning "of good race".
Bebo and Nayar looks very fashionable and confident. (Debonair sounds like 'Bebo and Nayar' , a name)
Dev nayar is very fashinable man.

          DEADPAN (Adj.)
  • someone who has no expression when speaking or joking
  • without any expression or emotion
Mind Trick-
Deadpan is like deadman

          BENEVOLENT (Adj.)
  • generous in helping to others
  • kind, helpful and generous
Mind Tricks-
Benevolent from "bene" + "velle", bene means well and velle means to wish.
Always remember bene which means 'good'.

          ARCANE (Adj.)
  • secret and mysterious therefore difficult to understand
Mind Tricks-
Word Arcane from Latin arcanus "secret, hidden, private, concealed," from arcere "close up, enclose, contain.
Where Are Canes(A stiff switch used to hit students as punishment)  kept secretly?
A crane is kept secretly (arcane).
          CANDID (Adj.)
  • not hiding your thoughts
  • saying what you think openly and honestly
Mind Tricks-
 Word Candid comes form Latin candidus means "white".
 Candidates should be candid at the time of interview.

Just Remind 
  1. What is the  meaning ACCLAIM  ?
  2. What is the  meaning ABROGATE                    
  3. What is the  meaning ABRIDGE                   
  4. What is the  meaning BACCHANALIAN           
  5. What is the  meaning  BALMY                 
  6. What is the  meaning BARRAGE                
  7. What is the  meaning  CAMOUFLAGE                 
  8. What is the  meaning  CANDID   
  9. What is the  meaning DEBAUCHED                               
  10. What is the  meaning DEBONAIR                        
  11. What is the  meaning DEADPAN    
  12. What is the  meaning COROLLARY   
  13. What is the  meaning BENEVOLENT             
  14. What is the  meaning ARCANE
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