Synonym Test For Competitive Exams (4)

DAWDLE            EXORBITANT                      PIVOTAL                           VULGAR                                 OBVERSE                           MIRTH                                                 TERRIFIC                   DILIGENT                              ABRIDGE                                                              WHIM

Dawdle (V)
  • If you dawdle, you hang back or fall behind in movement, and spend more time than is necessary going somewhere.
  1. After getting drunk, we start dawdling.
dawdle over
  • If you dawdle over something, you spend more time than is necessary doing something.
  1. He got fed up as bank staff dawdled over cashing him a cheque.

Exorbitant (Adj.)
  • If you describe something such as a price or fee as exorbitant, you are emphasizing that it is much greater than it should be.
  1. It's a good hotel but the prices are exorbitant.
  2. The lawyer charged us an exorbitant fee for two days' work.

Pivotal (Adj.)
  • A pivotal event, role, point or figure in something is one that is very important and affects the success of that thing.
  1. Shahrukh plays an pivotal role in the film.
  2. Our PM has played an pivotal role in the development of India.

Vulgar (Adj.)
  • describe something as vulgar means it is not in good condition, poor artwork.
  1. Your book is very vulgar.
  • describe someone as vulgar means he or she lacks good behaviour, not polite.
  1. My teacher is an vulgar old woman.
  • if you describe picture, gestures, or remarks as vulgar, you dislike them because they refer to sex or parts of the body in a rude way.
  1. Internet is full of vulgar picture.

Obverse (N)
  • the opposite of something
  1. The obverse of Love is Hate.
  • the obverse of an opinion, situation, or argument is its opposite.
  • (technical) the side of a coin or medal that has the head or main

Mirth (N)
  • mirth is merriment, happiness, fun which we express by laughing
  1. The performance produced much mirth among the audience.
  2. Her laugh reminds me of her loud and full of mirth.

Terrific (Adj.)
  • If something or someone terrific means that is wonderful or excellent.
  1. He is doing a terrific job.
  2. You look terrific in that dress.
  • Something in great amount, intensity, degree means something is terrific.
  1. I have got a terrific amount of work to do.

Diligent (Adj.)
  • Someone who is diligent works hard in a careful and thorough way.
  1. Our PM is very diligent person.
  2. The report recognized that he was a diligent student.

Whim (N)
  • A whim is a wish to do or have something which seems to have no serious reason or purpose behind it, and often occurs suddenly.
  • A sudden wish to do or have something, especially when it is something unusual or unnecessary.
  1. He bought the house on a whim.
  2. She hires and fires people at whim.

Now it's time to Test:
Choose The Correct Synonymous (Same Word):-

[1] assess
[2] evaluate
[3] fickle
[4] loiter

[1] odd
[2] ridiculous
[3] excessive
[4] threatening

[1] movable
[2] crucial
[3] internal
[4] mechanical

[1] thoughtless
[2] unkind
[3] coarse
[4] illiterate

[1] bitter
[2] reverse
[3] opposite
[4] adverse

[1] sorrow
[2] enthusiasm
[3] adventure
[4] merriment

[1] big
[2] excellent
[3] tragic
[4] terrible

[1] intelligent
[2] modest
[3] energetic
[4] industrious

[1] abort
[2] span
[3] shorten
[4] cross

10.  WHIM
[1] fancy
[2] clumsy
[3] desire
[4] strange behaviour

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