Cloze Test For Competitive Exams (2)

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Fill in the blanks with appropriate word :---
Test 1.
The ..1..of India as an economic superpower is not reflected in the...2..... of life enjoyed by its 1.2 billion citizens, according to Human Development Index, which...3....India very low among 182 countries. In our performance-oriented world, measurement issues have taken on ..4... importance as what we measure affects what we do. In fact the French President has established an international Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress, Owing to his....5... and that of others with current state of statistical information about the economy and society.
               The big question concerns....6..... Gross Domestic Product Provides a good measure of living standards. In many cases, GDP statistics seem to ..7... that the economy is doing far better than most citizens feel it is. Moreover, the focus on GDP creates conflicts- while political leaders are told to maximise it, citizens also demand that...8... , be paid to enhancing security, reducing air, water and noise pollution all of which actually...9.. GDP growth. Statistics are....10....... to summarize what is going on in our complex society, it is therefore obvious threat we can't reduce everything to a single number -GDP.
[a] pursuit                    [b] perception             [c] conversion
[d] title                         [e] tribute
[a] quality                    [b] spirit                      [c] span
[d] joy                         [e] loss
[a] scored                   [b] qualified                  [c] regard
[d] ranked                   [e] counted
[a] great                      [b] unduly                    [c] trivial
[d] considerably          [e]  negligible
[a] confidence              [b] belief                     [c] dissatisfaction
[d] compliance             [e] obedience
[a] unless                     [b] because                  [c] against
[d] whether                  [e] that
[a] recommend            [b] think                            [c] point
[d] refer                       [e] suggest
[a] respect                   [b] debt                            [c] attention
[d] expense                  [e] compensation
[a] lower                      [b] attain                          [c] decline
[d] shrunk                    [e] recover
[a] difficult                   [b] interpret                       [c] reveal
[d] intended                 [e]  inferred

Test 2.  
One of the most brutal features of gender inequality takes the form of physical violence against women. The ....1.... of such violence is remarkably high, not only in poorer and less developed economies but also in wealthy and modern societies. Indeed the ..2... of battering women even in the richest and most developed economies is ...3.... high. Turning to India, it must be...4.... first that the frequency of assaults on women is high in the country. To that ...5... general recognition has to be added the special role of violence connected with particular ...6.... features, such as dowry and economic settlements. Even though the numbers involved in violent deaths are...7... by the larger numbers that ....8... from ....9.... of healthcare, the crude and brutal nature of this form of gender inequality makes it a particularly severe ...10....of the deprivation of women.
[a] expectations        [b] counting            [c]  incidence                  
[d] acceptance          [e] responses                      
[a] frequency            [b] occurrence         [c] event                    
[d]  chance               [e] blocking                    
[a] relatively               [b] clearly               [c] surely                    
[d] undoubtedly         [e] astonishingly                    
[a] accomplished       [b] acknowledged    [c] cleared                
[d] understand           [e] assured                    
[a] anxiety                 [b] terrible                 [c] surprise                    
[d]  power                 [e]  form                    
[a] national               [b]  visible                  [c] social                    
[d] category             [e]  personal                  
[a] fewer                   [b] outshine               [c] lean                    
[d]  dwarfed              [e]  horrible                    
[a] perish                 [b] develop                [c]spoil                    
[d] incline                 [e] direct                    
[a] omission              [b] attention               [c] care                    
[d] effort                   [e] neglect                  
[a] remark                [b] indication               [c] happening                   
[d] manifestation       [e]  rise                    

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