Frequently Asked Words In SSC Exams With Memory Tricks

GALLANT                         CHIVALROUS                              ADAMANT                     LETHAL                     BRUTAL                 FRUGAL                                               MOLLIFY                                  ATTRIBUTE                                                                                          AVENGE                                                      

      GALLANT (Adj/N)  [ga'-lant]
  • of brave nature 
  • able to face and deal with danger
  • of good manners and have a sense of dress and appearance
  • a man who has polite behaviour for women
Noun- Gallantness
Mind Tricks-
Gallant comes old French word "galant" meaning "make a show" related with word "gale" means "pleasure".
Girl's man is a gallant(nice man for women).
  1. He bowed and gallantly kissed my hand.
  2. She made a gallant attempt to hide her tears.

         CHIVALROUS (Adj.)   [shiv-uhl-ruhs]
  • a man of good manner
  • a man of kind, polite and has honour for women
Noun- Chivalry, Chivalrousness
Adverb- Chivalrously
Mind Tricks-
Chivalrous comes from Old French word "chevaleros" means knightly, noble".
Chivalrous sounds like Shiv (a Hindu God) who is known for his fearlessness and love for his wife.
Shiva ka ras piyo aur Chivalrous (brave man)ban jao. (Hindi)
  1. The King of our country is chivalrous.
  2. We should be chivalrous.

          ADAMANT(Adj./N)   [ad-uh-muhnt, -mant]
  • stubborn
  • determined not to change his mind
  • one who do what he want
  • a hard metal
Mind Tricks:-
Word Adamant comes from Greek word "adamans, adamant" meaning "unbeatable", as 'a' means 'not' and 'daman' means 'to tame', allover meaning ,something that you can't control.
A little DAMM( annoyance) ANT is very adamant, he cuts my skin. 
Adda hua man is Adamant.(Hindi)
  • Ramesh is adamant that he will not come.
  • Adamant nature of man is not sociable.

          LETHAL (Adj.)    [lee-thuhl]
  • deadly, fatal
  • causing or able to cause death
  • cause a lot of damage
Noun:- Lethality, lethalness
Mind Tricks-
Word Lethal comes from Latin word "lethalis" meaning "deadly and fatal". Latin "lathalis" comes from word "letum" means "death".
LET HER die with LETHAL (deadly) weapon.
LETHAL is FATAL(deadly). 
  1. The snake's venom is very lethal to humans.
  2. A lethal dose of cyanide can take your life in minutes.

          BRUTAL (Adj.)      [broot-l]
  • cruel, wild and menacing
  • violent and cruel
  • direct and clear thinking not any sense about of people's feelings
Mind Tricks-
Word Brutal comes from Latin "brutalis, brutus" which means "dull and stupid."
 BRU coffee pi kar  Raju TAL (Wild, Menace, Cruel) ho gaya.
Big RiTuAL  (B-RUTAL) is organising by BRUTAL men.
  1. She was brutally assaulted.
  2. With brutal honesty she told him she did not love him.

          FRUGAL (Adj.)     [froo-guhl]
  • economical, sparing, thrifty, prudent
  • avoiding waste
  • using only as much money or food as is necessary
Noun- Frugalness, frugality
Mind Tricks-
Word Frugal comes from Latin word "frugalis". As "frugi" means "economical, thrifty."
Frugal sounds like Few girl. If you have few girl friends, you would waste less money on them. 
Frodo (a character in Lord Of  The Ring) is very Frugal (economical and prudent). 
  1. He has always been hard-working and frugal.
  2. Europe has slowed down, and the consumer remains pretty frugal.

          MOLLIFY (V)     [mol-uh-fahy]
  • assuage, pacify, appease
  • make calm or softer
  • to make somebody feel less angry or upset
Mind Tricks-
Word Mollify comes from latin word "mollificare " which means to "make soft".
Because of Being angry, Molli (a girl name) is Mollifying herself. 
  1. His explanation failed to mollify her.
  2. She managed to mollify to the angry customer.

          ATTRIBUTE (V/N)   [uh-trib-yoot]
  • a character or quality of a thing (N)
  • a quality of a person, group or any other things (N)
  • to give a cause or reason of happening of some thing (V)
Adjective- Attributable, attributive
Mind Tricks-
Word Attribute comes form Latin word attribut, as ad- 'to' + tribure- 'assign'.
Contribution is a great Attributes of a royal man. 
  1. She attributes her success to hard work and a little luck.
  2. Patience is one of the most important attributes in a teacher.

          AVENGE (V)       [uh-venj]
  • a vengeance, a revenge
  • to punish or hurt somebody in return for something bad or wrong that they have done to you, your family or friends
Noun- Avenger
Mind Tricks-
Word Avenge comes from French word "avengier" as ad + vengier, ad means to and vengier from Latin word vindicar means vindicate (to prove that something right.)
AVENGERS (Hollywood film) must take revenge (avenge) from Alien. 
  1. He promised to avenge his father's murder.
  2. She vowed to avenge her brother's death.

          ANTAGONIZE (V)     [an-tag-uh-nahyz]
  • provoke someone to react angrily
  • to do something to make somebody angry with you
Noun- Antagonism
Mind Tricks-
Word Antagonise comes from Greek word "antagonizesthai" means "struggle against", as "ant" means "against" and "agonizesthai" means "struggle".
ANNA GONe to vaporIZE (angry), when some man Antagonizing him.
  1. Don't antagonize your boss.
  2. Not wishing to antagonize her further, he said no more