Yearn vs. Long vs. Pine vs. Languish | How to use them.

Yearn, Long, Pine, Languish, Hunger, and Thirst mean in common to have a strong desire for something. But they are used in different contexts. Let's learn about those contexts.

Yearn, Long, Pine, Languish

    What is the meaning of Yearn?

    Yearn is a verb. It means to want or to miss something or someone very much. You yearn to go out in the lock down. (strong desire to go out.)
    • Children are yearning to play.
    • Fishermen yearn for fish, seek permission to go fishing.
    • Indian parents stranded in Lisbon yearn for their kids in Dubai.

    What is the meaning of Long?

    Long, as a verb, means to feel a strong desire or wish for something or someone or to do something.
    • I longed for my father to meet him after the lock down.
    • The Whole world longs for peace.
    Long can also be used as an adjective and adverb.
    For more meanings, check Dictionary

     What is the meaning of Pine?

    Pine, as a verb, means to become very sad.
    However, in the sense of desire or want, we write pine for somebody or something.
    Pine for sb/sth means to want or miss somebody or something very much all the time.
    • Supriya pined for her parrot.
    • The son seems to be pinning for his mother.

    What is the meaning of Languish?

    Languish means to miss or want someone or something so much that one becomes feeble. If you languish for something, you may stop eating, talking, playing, and other activities. 
    • Romeo languishes for Juliet.
    • Lovers always languish for love.
    Other meaning:
    • Languish means to be forced to stay somewhere or suffer something unpleasant for along time.
    • To become weaker or fail to make progress.

    What is the difference between these words and when to use them?

    Yearn suggests a strong desire for something or someone that is hard to get. Yearn shows the feeling of eagerness and passionateness.
    • Freedom fighters yearned for freedom.
    • Husband yearned for wife who had abandoned him.

    Long suggests a strong and persistent desire for something that does not seem likely to happen soon.
    • A mother longs for a baby boy, and she gets pregnant with the baby boy  after many years.

    Pine suggests desperately wanting of something or someone. If you don't get something or someone, you become depressed. It suggests adverse physical effect. 
    • If a boy calls his ex-girl friend many times a day, he pines for her.

      Languish suggests wearing away or getting weak in the desire of something or someone. You lose flesh, when you languish for something or someone. 
    • Budha became thin and skinny, languishing for enlightenment.

    What Merriam-Webster says:

    Yearn, Long, and Pine mean to want something very much.
    Yearn suggests a strong desire for something combined with a feeling of sadness.
    • They yearn for the day when they can be together again.
    Long is used like Yearn and may also suggest a desire for something that you can only get or achieve by working hard or being lucky.
    • She longs to be a famous artist.
    Pine suggests that you grow weak while continuing to want something that you may never have. 
    • He pines for homeland.
    Other words are Hanker, Hunger, and thirst.
    Hanker means to desire for something.
    Hunger means to desire for food.
    Thirst, to desire for water.

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