Word Test For Most Suitable One Word (13)

One who cuts precious stones  |         Government by the Gods|             A person not sure of the existence of Gods|         One who compiles dictionary|                  Which can be easily believed|
                         Woman trained to help other women in child birth|                                                      
Choose the correct word for the given sentence- 

1.  One who cuts precious stones
[1] Philatelist
[2] Drover
[3] Lapidist  
[4] Oculist

2.  Government by the Gods
[1] Plutocracy
[2] Theocracy
[3] Thearchy    
[4] Pantisocracy

3.  A person not sure of the existence of Gods 
[1] Theist
[2] Atheist
[3] Agnostic
[4] Cynic

4. One who compiles dictionary
[1] Calligrapher
[2] Editor
[3] Lexicographer  
[4] Compiler

5.  Which can be easily believed
[1] Credulous
[2] Creditable
[3] Trustworthy
[4] Credible

6.  Woman trained to help other women in child birth
[1] Virgin
[2] Midwife
[3] Matron
[4] Nurse

7. A person with full discretionary powers to act on behalf of a country
[1] Ambassador
[2] Emissary
[3] Plenipotentiary  
[4] Envoy

8. Design made by putting together coloured pieces of glass or stones
[1] Oleograph
[2] Mosaic  
[3] Tracery
[4] Relief

9.   To deprive a thing of its holy character
[1] Sacrilege
[2] Blasphemy    
[3] Consecrate
[4] Desecrate  

10.  A man with prejudiced views against religion
[1] Orthodox
[2] Bigot    
[3] Fanatic
[4] Profane

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