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Coil         Swathe         Replenish         Enumerate          Forge         Mothball          Conspicuous        Sartorial             Paradigm                     Lambaste

    Coil (N/V)

    • to wind into a series of circles
    • a series of circles formed by winding up a length of rope, wire, etc
    • a long thin piece of material (such as a wire, piece of hair, or wire) that is wound into circles
    1. The cat coiled up into a ball.
    2. The snake coiled up, ready to eat its prey.
    3. A coil of wire
    Mind Trick
    The word coil buds up from the Latin word colligere that means to gather together as it somehow connects with words collect.

    Swathe (N/V)

    • an area of grass or grain that has been cut or mowed (N)
    • to wrap or cover something or someone (V)
    1. Smog swathes the North India because of fire in the vast swathes of nearby area.
    2. The MLA is trying to swathe the entire corruption.
    Mind Trick
    The word swathe sounds and seems like the word bathe. Now connect the meaning of word bathe with the swathe's meaning: "When you bathe, you immerse yourself in water and when you swathe yourself, you immerse yourself in blankets."- vocabulary.com

    Replenish (V)

    • If you replenish something, you make it full or complete again
    • to make something full again by replacing what has been used
    1. We need more edible materials to replenish food and water supplies.
    2. The insurance fund will need to be replenished.
    Mind Trick
    Replenish = Re means again and plenir means to fill from Latin Plenus.

    Enumerate (V)

    • to name things on a list one by one
    1. BIG Boss enumerates the name of nominated contestant.
    2. Let me enumerate the benefits for you.
    Mind Trick
    The word enumerate originates from ex meaning out and numerate meaning number. To number something(name) out according to some way is known as enumeration.

    Forge  (N/V)

    • to make an illegal copy of something in order to cheat people, to counterfeit, to fake
    • to shape metal by heating it in a fire and hitting it with a hammer
    • to move forward in a steady but powerful way
    • a place where objects are make by heating and shaping pieces of metal, especially on where a blacksmith works
    1. Terrorist are trying to forge new 2000 note of India.
    2. Us soldiers forged into Osama's house.

    Mothball (N/V)

    • a small white ball made of a chemical with a strong smell, used for keeping moths away from clothes
    • to decide not to use or develop something, for a period of time, especially a piece of equipment of a plan (V)
    1. The government decides to mothball the odd-even plan in Delhi.
    2. The original proposal had been mothballed years ago.

    Conspicuous (Adj.)

    • easy to see or notice; likely to attract attention
    1. Amitabh's tough voice makes him very conspicuous in the bollywood.
    2. The Oppo-Vivo ads are all posted in every conspicuous place.
    Mind Trick
     Conspicuous comes out from Con + Spicuous. We can easily guess the meaning of Spicuous to see or look at something or someone + con means all together. A place or something else that can be seen easily from any where is known as conspicuous.

    Sartorial (Adj.)

    • relating to clothes, especially men's clothes, and the way they are made or worn
    1. Time spent on sartorial decisions is time that could be better spent on working.
    2. Modi always shows the best sartorial choices in every meetings.

    Paradigm (N)

    • a paradigm is a model for something that explains it or show how it can be produced 
    • a theory or a group of ideas about how something should be done, made, or thought about
    • a typical example or pattern of something
    • a paradigm is a clear and typical example of something
    1. Modi has set a new paradigm of economy.
    2. By the time the war was over he had become the paradigm of the successful man.
    Mind Trick
    The word paradigm is made up of two words, i.e, para and digm. Para means to show side by side and digm means diagram, figure, or show. With the help of some perfect diagrams or figures and showing those figures side by side make the word "Paradigm".

    Lambaste (V)

    • to attack or criticize somebody or something very severely, especially in public
    1. Principal lambastes his students in PTM.
    2. Our boss always lambastes us.
    3. Kejriwal was lambasted by Supreme Court.
    Mind Trick
    If you write the word Lambaste in small letter it looks like lambaste that seems like I am beast and everyone knows that a beast attacks, berates, criticizes anybody severely.

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