Word Test For Most Suitable One Word

One Word Substitute          One Word Substitute                          One Word Substitute                     One Word Substitute                            One Word Substitute                                           One Word Substitute      
                          One Word Substitute
Choose the correct word for the given sentence-
1.  To examine one's own thoughts and feelings
[1] Meditation
[2] Retrospection
[3] Reflection
[4] Introspection

2.  A short, usually amusing, story about some real person or event
[1] Anecdote
[2] Antidote
[3] Tale
[4] Allegory

3. Woman who offers the use of her body body for sexual  intercourse to any on who will pay for this
[1] Voluptuary
[2] Cuckold
[3] Prostitute
[4] Concubine

4.   Life history of a person written by another
[1] Autobiography
[2] Biography
[3] Bibliography
[4] Memoir

5.  Custom of having many wives
[1] Monogamy
[2] Bigamy
[3] Polygamy
[4] Matrimony

6.  A person who does not believe in any religion
[1] Philatelist
[2] Rationalist
[3] Atheist
[4] Pagan

7. Bringing about gentle and painless death from incurable disease
[1] Suicide
[2] Euphoria
[3] Gallows
[4] Euthanasia

8.   A man of lax moral
[1] Ruffian
[2] Licentious
[3] Pirate
[4] Vagabond

9.   A small enclosure for cattle, sheep, poultry etc.
[1] Cellar
[2] Sty
[3] Pen
[4] Lair

10.  To cause troops etc. to spread out in readiness for battle
[1] Align
[2] Collocate
[3] Deploy
[4] Disperse

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