Crumble vs. Crumple | What is the difference?

At first glance, crumble and crumple looks so similar that one can easily assumed them synonyms.
We will learn these words with a special mind trick. Just dived into the post.

Quick Look

Crumble means to break something into small pieces.
Crumple means to press something into wrinkle; to collapse; to be unhappy

    What is the meaning of Crumble?

    Crumble is a verb and noun. It means to break down, or to break something into very small pieces.
    • Nifty, Sensex continue to crumble under weight of economic worries.
    • Mobile phone industry will crumble due to increased GST.
    • This machine crumble large stone into small pieces.
    As a noun crumble means a special dessert made from flour, butter, and sugar.

    What is the meaning of Crumple?

    Crumple (as a verb) means to crush something into fold. You should crumple you chit after exam.
    As a noun, it means wrinkle, crease, or fold.
    Crumple means creases or wrinkles on a face or any other surface. If someone's face crumples, it indicates that someone is sad,  disappointed, angry.
    • Her smile crumbles her face.
    • The baby crumpled and burst into tears.
    Serious patients can crumple any time; if they crumple, they collapse.

    What is the difference between them and how to memorize the difference?

    If something crumbles, it breaks into pieces; If something or someone crumples, it may wrinkle,  fold, or collapse.

    Crumble  means to break something, whereas crumple means to press or twist something into folds or wrinkles. It doesn't mean to break anything.

    Crumble suggests severe damage, whereas crumple suggests slight damage.

    How do you remember crumple and crumble?
    Both words have same letters, crum_le, save "p" and "b". With the help of "p" and "b", we try to memorize the words.
    Crumple with "p"- p for press; we press something into folds. With the help of p, we can easily memorize the meaning of crumple.
    Crumble with "b"- b for break; crumble means to break, break something. 
    Just try to remember their right spelling.

    What is the meaning of Crumple zone?

    According to the Oxford:
    Crumple zone is the part of a car that is designed to crumple easily if there is an accident, to protect the people in the car.

    Important Points:
    Crumble up means the same as crumple.
    Rumple means to make something untidy or not smooth and neat, like hair, bed sheet, or other surface.
    It is crumple zone not crumble zone.

    In a nutshell
    Crumble means to break something into small pieces.
    Crumple means to press something into wrinkle.
    With the help of letter b and p, we can memorize the words.

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