Word Test For Most Suitable One Word (11)

Intentional destruction to racial groups  |         One who is interested in the welfare of women|                          Study of statistics of births, deaths, diseases to show the state of community|         A sudden rush of wind|                          Through which light can't pass|                                      One who takes delight in excessive cruelty|
                          Stealing from the writings of others|                                                      
Choose the correct word for the given sentence- 

1.  Intentional destruction to racial groups
[1] Homicide
[2] Genocide
[3] Fratricide
[4] Regicide

2.  One who is interested in the welfare of women
[1] Feminine
[2] Feminist
[3] Effeminate
[4] Flamboyant

3. Study of statistics of births, deaths, diseases to show the state of community
[1] Geography
[2] Anthropology
[3] Topography
[4] Demography

4. Through which light can't pass
[1] Dull
[2] Dark
[3] Obscure
[4] Opaque

5.  A sudden rush of wind
[1] Gale
[2] Typhoon
[3] Gust
[4] Storm

6.  One who takes delight in excessive cruelty
[1] Anarchist
[2] Sophist
[3] Sadist
[4] Nihilist

7. An unexpected stroke of good luck
[1] Fortune
[2] Windfall
[3] Boon
[4] Breakthrough

8. A person who helps you break the law
[1] Spy
[2] Collaborator
[3] Ally
[4] Accomplice

9.   Not conforming to ordinary rules of behaviour
[1] Lunatic
[2] Absurd
[3] Eccentric
[4] Maniacal

10.  Stealing from the writings of others
[1] Copying
[2] Reframing
[3] Reproducing
[4] Plagiarism

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