Word Test For Most Suitable One Word (12)

Short descriptive poem of picturesque scene or incident  |         A man who starves body for the good of soul|             A person who is reserved in talks|         A short stay at a place|                  A raised place on which offerings to a god are made|
                          To talk much without coming to the point|                                                      
Choose the correct word for the given sentence- 

1.  Short descriptive poem of picturesque scene or incident
[1] Malady
[2] Sonnet
[3] Idyll
[4] Charade

2.  A man who starves body for the good of soul
[1] Monk
[2] Ascetic
[3] Saint
[4] Spiritualist

3.  A person who is reserved in talks
[1] Reticent
[2] Silent
[3] Mendicant
[4] Garrulous

4. A short stay at a place
[1] Halt
[2] Interlude
[3] Intermission
[4] Sojourn

5.  A raised place on which offerings to a god are made
[1] Mound
[2] Chapel
[3] Altar
[4] Archives

6.  To talk much without coming to the point
[1] Verbosity
[2] Garrulousness
[3] Loquacity
[4] Circumlocution

7. Constant effort to achieve something 
[1] Perseverance
[2] Attempt
[3] Enthusiasm
[4] Vigour

8. A place where a wild animal lives
[1] Forest
[2] Stable
[3] Lair
[4] Sanctuary

9.   A person who looks on the bright side of things
[1] Sycophant
[2] Optimist
[3] Cynic
[4] Pessimist

10.  One who lends money at high rate of interest
[1] Solvent
[2] Uxorious
[3] Usurer
[4] Shylock

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