Word Test For Most Suitable One Word (9)

A person who makes love without serious |          Opposed to great or sudden change|                          Having no beginning or end to its existence|         The art of cutting trees and bushes into ornamental shapes |                          Walking in sleep|                                      One who can't die |
                          Language difficult to understand because of bad form|                                                      
Choose the correct word for the given sentence- 

1.  A person who makes love without serious
[1] Consort
[2] Romeo
[3] Philanderer
[4] Goon

2.  Opposed to great or sudden change
[1] Static
[2] Revolutionary
[3] Conservative
[4] Evolutionary

3. Having no beginning or end to its existence
[1] Eternal
[2] Obscure
[3] Universal
[4] Immeasurable

4. The art of cutting trees and bushes into ornamental shapes
[1] Horticulture
[2] Bonsai
[3] Pruning
[4] Topiary

5.  Walking in sleep
[1] Somniloquism
[2] Somnambulism
[3] Obsession
[4] Hallucination

6.  One who can't die
[1] Stable
[2] Immortal
[3] Perpetual
[4] Perennial

7. A formal written charge against a person who some crime or offence
[1] Accusation
[2] Indictment
[3] Allegation
[4] Acrimony

8. Language difficult to understand because of bad form
[1] Rhetoric
[2] Jargon
[3] Pedantic
[4] Verbatim

9.   Belief or opinion contrary to what is generally accepted 
[1] Unbelief
[2] Superstition
[3] Non conformity
[4] Heresy

10.  A person obsessed with exclusively one idea or subject
[1] Crazy
[2] Kleptomaniac
[3] Monomaniac
[4] Nymphomaniac

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