Synonym Test For Competitive Exams: Bank, SSC, MBA (3)

SERENE            GRUESOME                      SECURE                              TYRANNY                                 CONNOISSEUR                           IMPETUOUS                                                 BASHFUL                    OBLIGATORY                              LETHARGY                                                              ABANDON

Serene (Adj)
  • someone or something that is serene is calm and quite.
Noun: Serenity
  1. Our city has a beautiful and serene park.
  2. Gutam became serene when he turned into Buddha.

Gruesome (Adj.)
  • something that is guresome is extremely unpleasant and shocking, and filling you with horror, usually because it is connected with death or injury.
  1. We were shown gruesome pictures of dead bodies.
  2. Bhoot is a gruesome film.

Secure (Adj./V)
As verb
  • If you secure something that you want or need, you obtain it, often after a lot of effort.
  1. He secured 2000 dollars.
  2. Army managed to secure people.
As an Adj.
  • One is secure if one feels happy and confident about oneself. 
  1. Something is secure if it is made so stronger that nobody can damage it.

Tyranny (N)
  • unfair or cruel use of power or authority
  • If you describe someone's behaviour and treatment of others that they have authority over as tyranny, you mean that they are severe with them or unfair to them.
  1. The children had no protection against the tyranny of their father.
  2. the tyrannies of Nazi rule.

Connoisseur (N)
  • a connoisseur is someone who knows a lot about the arts, food, drink, or some other subject.
  1. I am connoisseur of good food.
  2. Katrina is a connoisseur of dance.

Impetuous (Adj.)
  • If you describe someone as impetuous, you mean that they are likely to act quickly and suddenly without thinking or being careful.
  1. Boys in most of the cases act as an impetuous.
  2. Malika is an impetuous woman.

Bashful (Adj.)
  • someone who is bashful is shy and easily embarrassed.
  1. He was too bashful to talk about sex.
  2. He becomes bashful when he talk to a girl.

Obligatory (Adj.)
  • If something is obligatory, you must do it because of a rule or a law.
  • compulsory
  1. It is obligatory for all employees to wear protective clothing.
  2. To follow the rules and regulations is obligatory.

Lethargy (N)
  • Lethargy is the condition or the state of not having any energy or enthusiasm for doing things.
  1. They will need to shake off their lethargy if they want to win the game.
  2. He felt that he had to drag himself out of his lethargy and begin to write.

Abandon (V/N)
  • If you abandon a place, thing, activity, or person, you leave them permanently or for a long time, especially when you should not do so.
  1. People often simply abandon their pets when they go abroad.
As a noun:
  • an uncontrolled way to behaving that shows that somebody does not care what other people think.
  1. He signed cheques with careless abandon.

Now it's time to Test:

Choose The Correct Synonymous (Same Word):-

[1] solemn
[2] meek
[3] delicate
[4] calm

[1] hateful
[2] painful
[3] tragic
[4] frightful

[1] secret
[2] safe
[3] comfortable
[4] independent

[1] misrule
[2] power
[3] madness
[4] cruelty

[1] useful
[2] required
[3] stubborn
[4] agreeable

[1] ignorant
[2] interpreter
[3] lover of art
[4] delinquent

[1] violent
[2] resourceful
[3] pleasing
[4] rash

[1] abscond
[2] discontinue
[3] neglect
[4] condense

[1] vigilant
[2] confident
[3] shy
[4] hopeful

[1] laxity
[2] impassivity
[3] serenity
[4] listlessness

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