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Sedative Tinkle Wriggle Lethargy Scaffold Serenity Lenient Palpitation Strident

Learn the word sedative with mind trick
Sedative (N/Adj.)
  • A sedative is a medicine that calms you or make you sleep.
  • Something that has a sedative effect makes you sleep.
  1. Heroin is used as a sedative, but it is not good for health.
  2. Too often, nursing homes use the anti psychotics for their sedative effects rather than to treat a medical problem.
Memory Trick:
The mnemonic of the word sedative is hidden in its root word, i.e, "sedere" meaning settle from from the word "sed" which means to sit; Sed and Sit looks very similar, and it helps you get the meaning of the word.

Tinkle (N/V)
  • the sound produced by a small bell
  • to make or emit a high sound
  • to pass urine from the boy
  1. The ice tinkles in the glass.
  2. A small bell tinkles high.
  3. The little boy said he had to tinkle.
Memory Trick:
A small bell sounds like tin tin tin... In this way, we can memories tinkle is a sound like tin tin tin...

Wriggle (V/N)
  • to twist and turn your body or part of it with quick short movements
  • If you wriggle or wriggle part of your body, you twist and turn with quick movements. you wriggle your body to get out of crowd.
  1. The babies wriggle on the bed.
  2. He pulled off her shoes and stockings and wriggled his toes.
Memory Trick:
The word wriggle is taken from the German word Wriggen that means "twist, turn", and this German word is originates from the root word "wer" that means to turn or bent.
Wrinkle, wrestle is also taken from the same root word "wer".
The word wrinkle and wrestle that look like the word wriggle.These all words contains one common meaning, i.e, to turn. Wrinkle means turning of skin that makes you look old;
Wrestle, a fight of turning the opponent down

Lethargy (N)
  • the state of not having any energy or enthusiasm for doing things
  • lethargy is the condition or state of being tired, inactive.
  1. The team discovered that the lethargy was, inexplicably, stronger at night. 
  2. Elnora brought me a tonic of wild thyme and vinegar to ease my lethargy.
Memory Trick:
The definition of the word lethargy can be easily memorized with the help of its pronunciation that somehow sounds like less energy. Lethargy = Less energy.

Scaffold (N)
  • a platform used when executing criminals by cutting off their heads or hanging them from a rope
  • A scaffold is a temporary raised platform on which workers stand to paint, repair, or build height parts or a building.
  1. Rapists should be hanged on scaffold.
  2. Many labors got injured while standing on scaffold.
Memory Trick:
Scaffold is a structure that can be fold after work done.

Serenity (N)
  • calm and stress free; the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled
  • You reach a state of serenity, when your mind is still and perfectly calm.
  1. Watching sea and rains help use reach a state of serenity.
  2. He wants to achieve serenity of mind.
Memory Trick:
Serenity comes from Laitn "serenus" that describes weather or sky as clear, fine, and calm.
If you pronounce the word serenity it sounds like sea, rain, tea;   
Sea, rains and tea make us calm, or Sea, rains, tea bring serenity of mind.

Lenient ( Adj.)
  • not as strict as expected when punishing somebody, more merciful and tolerant than expected
  • When someone in authority is lenient, they are not as strict or severe as expected.
  1. Mahatma Gandhi was very lenient person.
  2. Teacher should lenient with students.

Palpitation (N)
  • a quickly and irregular movement of body, quivering, trembling
  • When someone has palpitations, their heart beats very fast in an irregular way.
  1. No physical palpitations made me tremble. . . . I simply felt at peace.
  2. Katrina kaif can bring palpitation in our body.

Strident (Adj.)
  • sounding harsh and unpleasant: if a voice or sound is strident, it is loud, harsh, and unpleasant to listen to.
  • If you use strident to describe someone or the way they express themselves, you mean that they present their feelings or opinions in a very strong way that perhaps makes people uncomfortable.
  1. My wife voice is very strident. (strident = harsh)
  2. Reporters are too strident when they challenge the president.
  3. He was a strident critic of Islamist extremism.
Memory Trick:
Strident looks like Strike + dent; Dent means to damage something. Strident voice, or strident behavior strike something/someone so hard that it dent something or someone.
 Strident is equal to strike and then dent.

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