Venerable vs Vulnerable

Venerable vs Vulnerable
Sometimes you may get confused choosing the right word between venerable and vulnerable. In this post we will clear all doubts and confusion regarding the words with memory trick.

venerable vs vulnerable, venerable or vulnerable

What is the difference between Venerable and Vulnerable?
Vulnerable is something that can be easily hurt.
Venerable is something or someone that is valued or respected.
Let's know the words in more detail.

What is the meaning of "Venerable"?
  • Venerable is an adjective. It means something or someone very respected and valued because of old age, and important historically. 
A man is venerable if he is old.
An institution or  organisation or thing is venerable if it has important role in history, like Oxford is a venerable institution.
Venerable in sentence:
  1. India has many venerable traditions that have been following by Indians.
  2. Every house needs a venerable member that can give good advice.

What is the meaning of "Vulnerable"?
  • Something that can be easily harmed or affected by something bad is vulnerable, like an infant is vulnerable to a disease, small animals are vulnerable to big animals, a poor country is always vulnerable to invasion.
Vulnerable in sentence:
  1. Without proper vaccination, infants are vulnerable to disease.
  2. We have a vulnerable bridge over the river.

How can we memorize venerable and vulnerable ?
Venerable can be memorize easily when we get to know its origin. It origins from Latin veneratus, past participle of venerari, from vener, venus; venus means love: it is defined as the Roman goddess of beauty and love. 
With the Venus, we can easily memorize the meaning of word Venerable. Both of the words have "Ven", and both mean love and respect.

With the help of word vulture (a large bird that eats animals), we can learn the word vulnerable; both words have common "vul".
If an animal becomes prey of a Vulture is called Vulnerable.

Which preposition is used with "vulnerable" ?
Vulnerable is used with preposition "to". 
vulnerable to disease
vulnerable to death
vulnerable to attack

What is the difference in pronunciation between "vulnerable" and "venerable"?
Venerable is pronounced "ven-er-uh-buhl" with a pressure on "ven".
Vulnerable is pronounced "vuhl-ner-uh-buhl" with a pressure on "vuhl" where "l"is silent.

What do you mean by title "the Venerable"?
According to Oxford Dictionary,
In the Roman Catholic Church, the title "The Venerable" is given to a dead person who is very holy but who has not yet been made a saint.
In the Anglican Church, however, the title "The Venerable" is used to respect when talking about archdeacon.

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