50 Words with super mind tricks for SBI, RBI, IBPS, SSC, UPSC memorise within seconds

Allay, Savant, Bolster, Heist, Apogee, Bedizen, Rapacious, Calumny, Acumen, Abut, Sojourn

Now learn 50 words with unique mind tricks. Most of the words are asked in SBI, RBI, IBPS, SSC exams. I can bet you will learn all 50 words just in one reading. Mind tricks are so powerful and unique that you don't feel any pressure in memorising these words.

1. Allay (V)
  • if you allay someone's fears or doubts you stop them feeling afraid or doubtful
  • to calm, satisfy, assuage
  1. The government is keen to allay the public's fears.
  2. Mother is trying to allay her child.
Mind Trick:
Allay sounds as if a mother is trying to appease her baby saying: "allaay allaay baby... don't cry my baby". In this way you can learn allay means to appease.

2. Callow (Adj.)
  • a callow young person has very little experience or knowledge of the way they should behave as an adult.
  • young and without experience, inexperienced
  1. We don't need callow youth.
  2. Callows need some training so the they can work easily.
Mind Trick:
Callow sounds and looks like "call low". If you pronounce the word it sounds like Call low; if you call someone low, it means someone is of low quality or inexperienced or callow.

3. Pique (N/V)
  • to make someone angry and annoyed
  • a feeling of annoyance when you think someone has not treated you properly
  • if something piques your interest or curiosity, it makes you interested or curious.
  1. Anything a little bit unexpected will pique your interest.
  2. It advertised a weekly poetry workshop, which piqued his long-held interest in creative writing.
Mind Trick:
Pique sounds like PK. You must have seen the film PK where the character named PK makes everyone annoyed and angry. PK is very curious about knowing anythings.

4. Connoisseur (N)  [kon-uh-sur, -soo r] 
  • A connoisseur who knows many things about the art, food, drink, beauty, and many other subjects.
  • an expert on matters involving the judgement of beauty, quality or skill in art, food or music.
  1. Our Prime Minister is a connoisseur of Politics.
  2. In Van Goh's time art critics and connoisseurs shared your opinion.
Mind Trick:
Connoisseur pronounces like Know at its middle "Co-know-ss-r", and the meaning of word who knows many things. With the help of pronunciation we are able to know the meaning of connoisseur: who knows about many thing in detail.

5. Acquiesce (V)   [ak-wee-es] 
  • to accept something without arguing, even if you don't really agree with it
  • acquiesce in or to something means agree to do what someone wants
  1. Our parents acquiesce very easily.
  2. Government acquiesced to terrorist demands.
Mind Trick:
Again we shall learn the word Acquiesce by its pronunciation trick. If you pronounce the word Acquiesce (ak- wee- yes) , it sounds like Yes at its end. Acquiesce means saying Yes or accept something without arguing.

6. Aghast (Adj.)
  • filled with horror and surprise when you see or hear something
  • if you are aghast, you are horrified
  1. He stood aghast at the sight of accident.
Mind Trick:
Aghast = A Ghost. The word Aghast looks like A ghost. You became aghast/horrifed when you see a ghost. 

7. Blather (V)
  • to talk continuously about things that are silly or unimportant
  • Your son is blather on something, it means you son is talking for a long time on unimportant or boring topics.
  1. So why would announcers blather and babble throughout the performance?
  2. It was a mess. That blathering sailor pushed her to the front of the line. It drew more attention.
Mind Trick:
Blather sounds like "blah... blahh..." . Blathere means saying "blahhh... blahhh..", talking continuously.

8. Hawkshaw (N)
  • someone who is detective
  1. 007 is an effective hawkshaw.
  2. Police officers are hawkshaw in our city.
Mind Trick:
Hawkshaw = Hawk + saw. Hawk is a bird and saw means sight. We all know that hawk has very sharp sight it can see its prey from a very long distance. A detective also has these super power.

9. Pandemonium (N)
  • a situation in which there is a lot of noise, activity and confusion, especially because people are feeling angry or frightened
  • pandemonium in a place means people at that place are behaving in a very noisy and uncontrolled way.
Mind Trick:
Pandemonium = Pan + Demon, pan means all + demon means evil, angry, noisy; If you watch the word Pandemonium closely, you see demon inside it. And we all know that demon behaviour is very noisy and uncontrolled.

10. Cipher (N)
  • Cipher is a secret system of writing that you use to send messages.
  • a secret way of writing, especially one in which a set of letters or symbols is used to represent others
  • Other meaning of cipher is Zero, Nobody, which comes from Urdu.
  1. Emily sighed, frustrated with the cipher and frustrated with her dad for breaking her concentration.
  2. At the Encryption challenge, large horizontal touch screens, which look like naval charting tables, test your ability to grasp ciphers quickly.
Mind Trick:
Cipher sounds like C for. We learn this by making its rhyme: a for apple, b for boy and C for Code or Secret.

11. Addendum (N) (Add end)
  • a section of extra information that is added to something, especially to a book
  • An addendum is an additional section a the end of a book or a document.
Mind Trick:
Addendum looks like Add + end. Addition of something at the end means Addendum.
12. Savant (N)
  • a person with great knowledge and ability
  • a person who is less intelligent than others but who has particular unusual abilities that other people do not have
  1. So fully formed was Anderson’s aesthetic vision, he seemed to be some kind of savant.
  2. He is not a genius or a savant
Mind Trick:
Savant sounds like Sawant, a surname. Rakhi Sawant and Abhijeet Sawant are Savant, they have great knowledge of their field.

13. Apogee (N)
  • the highest point of something, where it is greatest or most successful
  • the point in its orbit where a satellite is at the greatest distance from the Earth
  1. Change is a baseball constant as veterans’ careers pass their apogees and younger players’ approach theirs.
  2. I was surprised to discover that paleo art reached its apogee under the Soviet regime.
Mind Trick:
Apogee sounds like A PO Gee (PO for Probationary Officer). We all know that PO is a very prestigious or highest job position in Banks. If you cracked the bank exams, you will be at most successful point; people would call you A PO GEE.

14. Stout (N/Adj.)
  • a stout person is rather fat
  • a stout object is rather strong and thick
  • if someone is stout it means he or she is brave and determined
  • Other meaning: strong dark beer made with malt or barley
  1. A stout Latino man in a black sport coat trudges through the automatic sliding doors.
  2. A stout, mustachioed man with a booming belly-laugh, Rapoza said there was “no rule of law in the state of California.
  3. If you’re not a fan of red wine, good stout might be your best option.
Mind Trick:
Stout looks like stomach out means a person is fatty. 

15. Heist (N/V)
  • A heist is an act of stealing something valuable from a house, shop or bank
  • to steal something valuable from store or bank
  1. The Bangladesh heist led financial institutions around the globe to bolster security.
  2. But the armed heist wasn’t something investigators in the county of 16,748 were going to forget.
Mind Trick:
Heist looks like He is thief; this way we can learn the word heist that looks like he is thief means to steal something.

16. Predilection (N)
  • if you have a predilection for something, you like ti very much 
  • liking, preference
  1. Your predilection for watching depraved material led you to attack in the most frightful and devastating manner.
  2. The political predilections of Trump and his cabinet augur continued improvement of scientific ties with Russia.
Mind Trick:
Predilection: If you see the word predilection, you see dil (in english it means heart) inside the word. Dil (Heart) indicates about love or like for something or someone.

17. Adhere (V)
  • to stick firmly to something
  • to stick firmly to something : adhere to a rule or agreement, you act in the way that it says you should; adhere to an opinion or belief, you support or hold it
  1. You are more likely to adhere to our goals and less likely to cut corners.
  2. The F.B.I. expects every employee to adhere to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and accountability.
Mind Trick:
Adhere looks like Add + here. Add here means to stick firmly to something.

18. Adroit (Adj.)
  • someone who is skilful and clever, especially in dealing with people 
Mind Trick:
Adroit comes from "Ad + roit". Ad means towards or according to and roit is right. If you are Adroit, you are towards right, you do something in right way; you are skilful, clever.

19. Consonance (N)
  • agreement (business)
  • (music) a combination of musical motes that sound pleasing together.
  1. I think what they want is a consonance between what people believe in and how they live, what they believe in and how they treat others.
  2. The consonance of this attitude with some primary teachings of religion is apparent.
Mind Trick:
Consonance comes from con- 'with, together' + sonare means 'sound'. So, consonance means sound with or together.

20. Bedizen (V) bad design
  • dress up garishly and tastelessly
  • decorate tastelessly
  • Bedizen means to decorate yourself or something else to the max — in an over-the-top flashy style- vocabulary.com
  1. A little Arab girl offers to sell me her rag doll, whose veil is bedizened with spangles.
  2. He is bedizened all over with silver.
Mind Trick:
Bedizen sounds like Bad design

21. Abominable (Adj.)
  • something that is abominable is extremely unpleasant and causing disgust
  1. Another is America’s generally abominable treatment of Native Americans.
  2. Hospitals are providing abominable treatment of poors.
Mind Trick:
Abominable = A bomb. If you see the word abominable, you get a bomb inside the word. A bomb if it is any where is extremely unpleasant and disgusting. Abominable = A bomb in able to blast is extremely unpleasant.

22. Alienate (V)
  • to make somebody feel that they don't belong in a particular group
  • to alienate a person from someone or something that they are normally linked with means to cause them to be emotionally or intellectually separated from them
Mind Trick:
Alienate comes from the word Alien

23. Tyranny (N)
  • A tyranny is a cruel, harsh, and unfair government in which a person or small group of people have power over everyone else
  • dictatorship; the rule of tyrant
Mind Trick:
Tyranny sounds like rany (rani). You can memorise tyranny using the word ranny (that sound like rani). Assume that Rani is running tyranny.

24. Bolster (N/V)
  • to improve something or make it stronger
  • if you bolster something such as someone's confidence or courage, you increase it.
  • as a Noun, bolster is a long thick pillow
  1. Brag books and confidence logs are among techniques experts recommend to bolster lacking self-confidence.
  2. A lack of competence at the top would no doubt bolster the case for a radical overhaul.
Mind Trick:
Bolster sounds like Booster. Booster makes something stronger.

25. Calumny (N)
  • Calumny is a false statement about a person that is made to damage their reputation
  1. Kapil sharma was the victim of calumny.
Mind Trick:
Calumny sounds like calmuhi (कलमूही) which is a demeaning word for a lady. Such a statement damages a lady reputation.

26. Combative (Adj.)
  • ready and willing to fight or argue
  1. She is in a combative mood.
  2. Public is in a combative spirit to root out the corruptions.
Mind Trick:
Combative sounds and look like come to battle.

27. Commotion (N)
  • A commotion is a sudden noisy confusion or excitement.
  1. The crowd waiting outside was causing a commotion.
  2. They heard sound of firing and then commotion outside.
Mind Trick:
Commotion comes from com means "together" and motion means "to move".
Commotion sounds like come to motion. Commotion is  come to motion means a sudden noisy confusing motion or running of many people at the same time.

28. Deify (V)
  • if someone is deified, they are considered to be a god or are regarded with very great respect. (Generally used in passive voice)
  1. Mothers are deified by us.
Mind Trick:
Deify looks like Deity. Deity means god.

29. Rapacious (Adj.)
  • wanting more money or goods than you need or have a right to 
  1. Our leaders are rapacious person.
  2. A rapacious landlord demand more rent.
Mind Trick:
Rapacious sounds like Rupey. Rapacious people always demand more rupees.

30. Scamper (V)
  • (especially of children or small animals) to move quickly with short light steps
  • when people or small animals scamper somewhere, they move there quickly with small, light steps
  1. Max scampered off for a fire extinguisher and Osgood rather uselessly thrashed about and screamed.
  2. He scampered up trees, harvested nuts and even played a little with a Douglas squirrel and fellow eastern gray.
Mind Trick:
Scamper has the word scam. People who do scam, they scamper, run away.
31. Abandon (V)
  • If you abandon a place, thing, work, ship, or person, you leave the place, thing, work, ship, or person permanently or for a long time, especially when you should not do so.
Mind Trick:
Abandon has the word ban inside it. 
32. Ogle (V)
  • If you ogle a girl, you are looking hard at that girl in an offensive way, usually showing sexual interest.
  1. I am not in the habit of ogling women.
Mind Trick:
Ogle looks like google. You google something you ogle that thing.

33. Gadfly (N)
  • If you refer to someone as a gadfly, you believe that they deliberately annoy or challenge other people, especially people in authority.
  • a person who annoys or criticizes other people in order to make them do something
Mind Trick:
Gadfly looks like God Fly (god of fly). A fly always annoys and irritate you. Now think what would a god fly do to us; it means super annoying.

34. Mogul (N)
  • a very rich, important and powerful person
Mind Trick:
Mogul sounds like Mugal. We all know about Mugal empire which was very impressive and very rich.

35. Lackadaisical  (Adj. )
  • not in action or at work
  • idle or indolent especially in a dreamy way
  • not showing enough care enthusiasm
  1. He was only 22, a lackadaisical graduate student.
  2. Those that play lackadaisical defense are uninspired and poorly coached.
Mind Trick: 
Lackadaisical looks like "Lack a day". A lackadaisical lacks a day because of idle attitude.

36.Tenuous (Adj.)
  • If you describe something such as a connection, a reason, or someone's position as tenuous, you mean that it very uncertain or weak.
  • extremely thin and easily broken
  1. The new financial aid controversy, he said, added fuel to what was already a tenuous situation on campus.
  2. The forced move reminded them how tenuous their situation was with their son.
Mind Trick:
Tenuous sounds like tension. Tension makes everything tenuous.
37. Recluse (N/Adj.)
  • a person who lives alone and likes to avoid other people
  • Keeping away from society; seeking solitude
Mind Trick:
Recluse comes from Re + Cluse; Re means back, cluse is taken from claudere means to shut; cluse looks like close; Recluse means going back to close.

38. Scourge (N/V )
  • A scourge is something or thing that causes a lot of trouble or suffering to a group of people (N)
  • to cause trouble or suffering to somebody
  • Punish severely; excoriate; whip
  1. South Africa is battling a scourge of rhino poaching fuelled by insatiable demand for their horn in Asia.
  2. The airline says in a statement that “drugs are a scourge on society.
Mind Trick:
There is a word courage inside scourge. Scourge is something bad, a lot of trouble and you need courage to stand against it. Scourge is something that needs lots of courage.

39. Shun (V)
  • to avoid somebody or something
  1. In other areas, the administration shuns science advice and good sense.
  2. France’s Chanel shuns e-commerce for its coveted clothing, quilted handbags or watches.
Mind Trick:
Shun sounds like sun, and we should avoid the sun in summer. One should shun the sun. This way we can learn the meaning of shun is to avoid something or somebody.

40. Accretion (N)
  • a layer of a substance that is slowly added to something
  • the process of new layer being slowly added to something
  1. The industry is good at competing away any margin accretion by creating more capacity.
  2. The careful accretion of facts and figures genuinely shocked people.
Mind Trick:
The word Accretion comes from latin accrescere become larger, from ad- to + crescere grow.
Accretion has word creation inside it if you see the words carefully. It means creation of something layer after layer.

41. Acumen (N)
  • Acument is the ability to understand and decide things quickly and well
Mind Trick:
Acumen sounds like IQ man. Man who has higher level of IQ is known as Acumen. Higher level of IQ means better ability to understand something.

42. Benign (Adj.)
  • You use benign to describe someone who is kind, gentle, and harmless.
  1. While the economy is growing solidly, inflation remains benign.
  2. They apparently expected users to connect with friends only in benign ways.
Mind Trick:
Benign sounds like Be nice. Benign means to be nice, gentle.

43.  Lachrymose (Adj.)
  • someone who is lachrymose cries very easily and very often
  • having a tendency to cry easily
  1. Women are Lachrymose most of the time.
  2. That lachrymose occasion was the prelude to something far worse.
Mind Trick:
Lachrymose Origins from Latin lacrima that means tear.If you watch the word Lachrymose carefully, you will see cry there inside the word.

44. Abridge (V)
  • to make a book, play, etc. shorter by leaving parts out
  • lessen, diminish, or curtail
  1. That seems to me to be a basic right that’s being abridged.
  2. The new law might abridge our freedom of expression.
Mind Trick:
Abridge = A + bridge; A bridge is made to shorten the distance. In this way, you can learn that abridge means to short something.

45. Sojourn (N/V)
  • a temporary stay in a place away from your home
  1. Between courses, she explored on her own, staying with friends and relatives or sojourning in hostels and hotels.
  2. The evidence of her sojourn here will not be easily forgotten.
Mind Trick:
Sojourn = so + journ. So (in hindi) it means sleep in english, journ is journey. sojourn means temporary sleep in journey.

46. Restive (N)
  • unable to stay still, or unwilling to be controlled, especially because you feel bored or not satisfied
  • being in a tense state, impatient especially under restriction or delay
  1. The crowd was growing inreasingly restive.
  2. The government has done nothing to ease restrictions and manufacturers are growing restive.
Mind Trick:
Restive looks the word Rest and you think the meaning is to rest, then you are wrong the meaning is just opposite. The word restive looks like the word rest, but it doesn't mean to rest, it means uncontrolled, unrest.

47. Recant (N)
  • to say, often publicly, that you no longer have the same belief or opinion that you had before
  • formally reject or disavow a formerly held belief, usually under pressure.
  1. He pleaded guilty to King’s murder and quickly recanted but remained in prison the rest of his life.
  2. Small-time criminal James Earl Ray pleaded guilty to the killing and quickly recanted, claiming he was set up.
Mind Trick:
Recant comes from two Latin roots: the prefix re-, meaning "back," and the verb cantare, meaning "to sing". Recant looks like re + can't. With the help of cant that looks like can't, you can assume that the word saying about something that can't hold.

48. Abut (N)
  • to be next to something to have one side touching the side of something
  1. Community and Latino groups rallied in and around San Diego and the Mexican city of Tijuana, which abuts the border.
  2. The town of 83,000, which abuts Milan, was once called the Stalingrad of Italy for its communist leanings.
Mind Trick:
Alphabet series, letter a is side of b; u is side of t. This way you can learn the  meaning of Abut which is next to or side of something.

49. Acclimatize (V)
  • to get used to a new place, situation or climate
  • to change oneself according to climate
  1. It takes many months to acclimatize to life in the tropics.
  2. She was fine once she had acclimatized herself to the cold.
Mind Trick:
Acclimatize sounds like According to climate. If you adjust yourself according to climate or situation, you acclimatize.

50. Conclave (N)
  • a meeting to discuss something in private
  • A conclave is a meeting at which the discussions are kept secret.
  1. Those periodic conclaves often are used for sideline meetings between delegations from the United States and Iran.
  2. The conclave is the first major diplomatic event hosted by Mr. Tillerson.
Mind Trick:
Conclave comes from Latin con means with and clavis means key, locked with key in a room.Conclave sounds like come to cave. People Come to cave for secret meeting.

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