Continually vs. Continuously vs. Constantly, You may surprise knowing the difference between them.

Continually vs. Continuously vs. Constantly
You may be using these words as synonyms meaning repetition. Yes, they all mean repetition, but they are not synonyms.

What is the meaning of Continually?
Continually is the adverb form of continual. It means happening again and again within short periods of time, or happening without interruption.

Continually in sentence:
  1. She is continually doing the same act.
  2. They are continually living in fear.

What is the meaning of continuously?
Continuously is the adverb of continuous. It means repeated again and again without stopping; happening existing without a break or interruption.

Continuously in sentence:
  1. Students are continuously avoiding their homework.
  2. You should study continuously to improve your marks.

Oxford says about "Continuously vs. Continually":
Continuously describes something that continues without stopping.
Continually usually describes an action that is repeated again and again.
The difference between these two words is now disappearing. In particular, continually can also mean the same as continuously.

About Continual vs. Continuous
According to Usage and Abusage- A guide to good English,
Continual and Continuous must not be confused. The former is defined as 'always going on', the latter as 'connected, unbroken: uninterrupted in time or sequence'.
 Now we try to learn the difference between continual and continuous with the help of examples:
The usages are taken from Garner's Modern American Usage.
  1. The variety of tactics included continuous continual nagging, crying, screaming, embarrassing parents in public, sulking and emotional blackmail.
  2. Continuous Continual interruptions are frustrating because they often mean you have to warm up all over again or don't get a complete workout.

What is the meaning of constantly?
Constantly is the adverb of "constant". It means happening all the time or very often over a period of time.

Constantly in sentence:
  1. People complained constantly about the crime.
  2. The price of mobile is constantly decreasing.

So, what is the difference between Continually, Continuously, and Constantly?
These three words mean the same thing that is repetition, but the difference between them is of frequency-how frequently something get repeated.

Continually means something is repeated with small breaks or even none at all. 
If a school boy is continually polishing his shoes, he does it very frequently; he may polish the shoe after every an hour or two.
You try continually to crack exams for government job, you attempt every exams many times repeatedly.

Continuously comes from the word "continue" that means  something happening without a break, or without stopping.
The word continuously is used for an act that continues without any break.
  1. If you wash your floor continuously, you never stop washing.
  2. If it rains continuously, it never stop raining.

Constantly suggests that the actions are repeated in the same manner, probably producing the same results each time. 
  1. Workers are constantly complaining about the manager.

In a nutshell
Continually is used for an action that is repeated with a series, like continually dropping of water drops from a roof.
Continuously is used for an action that is continued without any interruption, like continuously raining whole day.
Constantly is used for an action that is repeated after a time; that time can be short or long.

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