Deplore vs. Deprecate vs. Depreciate | What is the difference between them?

 Can you guess the subtle differences between Deplore, Deprecate, Depreciate? 
It is very difficult to guess their differences as these words often use as synonyms. Yes, in some contexts they can be used as synonyms, but not always. This post tells about the true difference between these words and when to use them in a sentence.

    Quick Look

    Deplore means to dislike something.
    Deprecate means to not allow something.
    Depreciate means to minimize or lower something.

    What is the meaning of Deplore?

    The verb Deplore means to feel or express deep grief for something by hate or dislike that thing. If people deplore Corona virus, it means they really hate it.
    • WHO deplores the violence against corona patients.
    • Many people deplored the punishment.
    • China strongly deplores U.S. intervention in Hong Kong and accepts no interference in its internal affairs.

    What is the meaning of Deprecate?

    The verb Deprecate means to criticize or express disapproval of someone or something. You deprecate something by criticizing or disrespecting it. Children deprecate elders by abusing them.
    • I deprecate those people who don't pay attention to the rules and regulations.
    • We strongly deprecate the assault on the fundamental freedom.
    • The Rich deprecate the poor.

    What is the meaning of Depreciate?

    The verb Depreciate has basic meaning "to become less valuable over a period of time".
    It can also mean to belittle someone or something, like elder brother depreciates the importance of younger brother.
    • My father used to depreciate me.
    • The rupee depreciated against dollar.

    What are the differences between Deplore, Deprecate, and Depreciate, and When to use them?

    Verb "Deplore" suggests a strong and thoroughly regret of something. As the word comes from Latin "deplorare", from de- 'away, thoroughly' + plorare- 'bewail'; bewail means to express sadness about something.(bemoan, lament)
    If you deplore dowry, you are unhappy or disappointed by it, and just regret having it in society. says:
    If you deplore something, you object to it because it brings you sorrow or grief. People often deplore things that they regret or feel bad about. You might deplore the inhumane treatment of animals or the deforestation of the Amazon.

    Verb "Deprecate" suggests disfavor of something that you don't want to happen. To pray against, as an evil:  deprecate comes from Latin "deprecari", from de- reverse (against) + precari means pray.
     If you deprecate dowry, you disallow, or oppose it, and want to put an end to it by making new rules and regulations, or withdrawing official support for it.

    Deplore suggests to dislike something very much. If one deplores violence, it means that one doesn't like the violence, and doesn't want to happen again.
    Whereas deprecate suggest to minimize, to belittle, and to remove  something.
    If you deprecate your wife accomplishments, you are jealous of her achievement.
    If you deprecate corruption, you are annoyed at it, and want to eradicate the corrupt people.

    Depreciate suggests lowering the value of something. It is used to describe something as having little value. Depreciate comes from Latin depreciat, from the verb depreciare, from Latin de- 'down' + pretium 'price'.
    • Opposition always tries to depreciate the value of Narendra Modi says,
    Depreciate can also be used as the similar-sounding but unrelated word deprecate meaning "to belittle, lower in esteem." Your teachers should not depreciate you just because you don't always know the answers to their questions!

    What is the meaning of self-deprecating?

     Self-deprecating means to underestimate oneself. It means to undervalue work done by oneself because of humble nature.
    Collin says, 
    If you describe someone's behaviour as self-deprecating, you mean that they criticize themselves or represent themselves as foolish in a light-hearted way.

    Important point
    Self-depreciation a wrong word. The correct word is Self-deprecation; self-deprecating is its adjective. 

    In short:
    I deprecate = I hate it, oppose it, and want to remove it. 
    I deplore = I criticize it and i don't like it.
    I Depreciate = I decrease the value of something or someone.

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