The word Jealous and its different usages.

How many ways can the word jealous be used? There are many ways the word jealous can be used. Let's explore. 

There are three different ways in which the word jealous can be used.

The First usage of the word jealous is the sense of envious means feeling angry or unhappy because you wish you had something that somebody else has. You feel jealous when you don't have your own house but your brother has.
  1. I felt jealous when my younger brother came into the world.
  2. She is jealous of my fair skin.

If we say that somebody's wife is a jealous or somebody's husband  is jealous or something like: a jealous girl friend, a jealous boy friend, etc. It means they are feeling angry or unhappy because somebody they like or love is showing interest in somebody else.
  1. His wife becomes jealous when he talks with other lady.
  2. Boys often feel jealous when his girlfriend talks to other boys.

Third meaning of jealous is a sense of protective or possessive. If you are very concerned about protecting or keeping something, you are very jealous of that thing. You are jealous of your children means you are concerned about protecting you children.
  1. He was jealous of her good reputation.
  2. Rich people are jealous of their wealth.

In a nutshell
Jealous, an adjective, has three different ways of usages.
First, jealous can be used in a sense of envious.
Second, jealous can be used in a sense of fear of losing someone you love.
Third, jealous can be used in sense of possessive and protective.

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