Thin, Slim, Skinny, Emaciated

 Thin, slim, skinny, emaciated are words for body. These vocabularies describe the amount of fat in your body.


    It means having less fat on body or some part of body. A person or animal that is thin has no extra fat on their body. If someone who is thin has very little fat on their body.

    1. He has very less fat, looking very thin.
    2. He is small and very thin and has pale-white skin.


    It means thin in a way that is attractive. A person with slim body has very less fat but more muscles.

    1. He joined gym and become owner of slim body.
    2. The young woman was very beautiful, slim and tall.


    It means thin or low in fat in a way that looks unattractive. A skinny person has very less fat in the body, in a way that looks unattractive, and unpleasant.

    1. She has very skinny hands.
    2. Cancer has make my son very skinny.



    It means extremely thin and weak because of illness or lack of food. A person or animal that is emaciated is thin and weak because of illness or lack of food.

    1. There are lots of emaciated children in Africa.
    2. He was in the hospital - he looked so emaciated.

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