Innervate, Enervate and Energize

The words innervate, enervate, and energize sounds like synonyms but they are not. Let's see the meaning and difference between these words.

    What is the meaning of innervate ?

    Innervate means to supply nerve to a specific part of the body. It also means to stimulate an organ to activity or  give energy to an organ. Some incidents or something else like a person, thing, smell, et cetera can innervate your past memory in your brain.

    1.  Collaterals from the visual pathways innervate the pineal gland.
    2. The nerves then follow the bronchi in the lungs and branch to innervate muscle fibers, glands, and blood vessels.

    What is the meaning of enervate ?

    Enervate means to make someone or something very weak and tired.

    1. Our country was enervated because of corrupt politician.
    2. Warm sun enervated us.

    What is the meaning of energize ?

    As the word origin from energy, energize means to give someone energy, enthusiasm and determination to do something.

    1. After the speech, I feel completely energized.
    2. You will feel energized after exercise.

    What is the difference between innervate, enervate, and energize ?

    Innervated looks like "inNERVate". The word origins from "in" and "nerve" means putting nerve in. As its origin suggests, it means to supply nerve to an organ of body. It also means to provide energy to the body.

    Enervate origin from "e" (ex) means out and "nervus" means nerve or ‘sinew’. Hence enervate suggests to become out of nerve or energy. It means to make somebody feel weak and tired.

    Energize means to give somebody energy, strength, et cetera, as its origin from the word energy.

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