Earthy vs. Earthly

Does earthy and earthly mean same thing ?

No, they don't mean same thing. They both origin from the same source word, but they are not synonyms.


    What is the meaning of earthy ?

    Earthy is an adjective. It means something of or like earth or soil. If you describe something as earthy, you mean it looks, smell, or feels like earth.

    It has also second meaning that is different from first one. It  means practical, straightforward, open, and direct in a way that seems not polite but rude. If you are earthy, it means you are open and direct and you don't care other's opinion.

    1. In rainy season, earthy smell pervades.
    2. The hut has the clean earthy smell of wet clay.

    What is the meaning of earthly ?

    Earthly is an adjective and adverb. It means connection with life on the Earth. Something connected with human life on the Earth is called earthly. Heavenly is just opposite of earthly.

    It also means imaginable, possible, or chance
    1. Human has many earthly desires.
    2. He didn't have an earthly (possible) chance of getting the job.

    What is the difference between earthy and earthly ?

    The words earthy and earthly origin from the word earth. In short earthy is related to the meaning "soil" and earthly is related to the meaning "life on the Earth".

    Earthy means consisting of or covered in earth, here earth in the sense of soil.

    Earthly means suggesting life on the planet Earth- how  human life is on the Earth.

    Earthy is an adjective like earthy desires, earthy colours/smells, etc. whereas earthly is an adjective as well as adverb, like earthly beings, earthly home, etc.

    In other meaning, earthly also means possible or chance. It is often used in questions and negatives sentences.

    1. There's no earthly reason why you shouldn't go.

    Whereas earthy, in negative sense, means direct, not polite, rude, coarse, etc.

    1. His earthy (direct, which may be rude) jokes shocked the audience.

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