Bend, Bow, Lean with Mnemonic

 Bend Bow Lean Stoop all these words have on common meaning to curve or turn a body. Their usages, however, is not common. They are used in different perspective in a sentence. Let's see them one by one.

    What is the meaning of bend ?

    Bend means to curve or turn something. If you bend, you move the top part of your body downwards and forwards.

    1. I bent and picked up my mobile.
    2. My mother has to bend the sink washing the dishes.

    What is the meaning of bow ?

    Bow means to bend forward at the neck or waist as a formal way of greeting someone or showing respect.

    1. Our PM bowed low to the crowd.
    2. The people bowed down before the King.

    What is the meaning of lean ?

    Lean means to bend or move from a vertical position. If you lean, you bend to rest on or against something or someone for support.

    1. Tired, I leaned against the tree.
    2. Old man walked slowly, leaning on her son's arm.

    What is the meaning of stoop ?

    Stoop means to walk or stand with your head and shoulder bent forward.  If you stoop, you bend your body forward and downward.

    Stoop is also used to mean a raised area outside the door of a house with steps leading up to it.

    1. He stoops as he walk.
    2. My daughter stoop to read the book.

    What is the difference between bend, bow, lean, and stoop ?

    Bend suggests a folding movement of the head or body. We bend from the waist; we bend our hand from the elbow. We bend to pick something not to show respect.

    Bend down and pick it up; Bow down and worship.

    To bow is to bend the head or upper body forward and down. Bowing is a formal action; we bow before the God, bow before the King.

    Bow down and respect the King.

    Lean suggests resting the body or something else against something. It suggests curving a body to a certain angle against a support. We lean back when we get tired. 

    Lean back and relax.

    To stoop is to lower the body by bending the knees.

    Stoop suggests to lower the body from head to waist. It is a poor posture because of habitual forward inclination of the head and shoulders.


    Lean means to bend against something. With the help of picture, we will try to memorize the word.

    Bow looks like wow. We say wow when we admire someone or something. This is way we can say bow when you wow.

    Stoop has some link with the word steep. Steep means rising or falling sharply. Linking stoop with steep, we can memorize the word stoop.

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