Avoid, Elude, Escape, Eschew, Evade, Shun

 Avoid, Elude, Escape, Eschew, Evade, Shun

All these words mean to keep away from something or someone. Their usages, however, are different; they are not used in the same way.


     What is the meaning of avoid ?

    Avoid means to keep away from something or somebody. 

    If you avoid a person or thing that is unpleasant, you keep away from them. 

    1. I have been avoiding my teacher all day.
    2. I avoid meeting new people.

    What is the meaning of elude ?

    Elude means to avoid or escape from somebody or something in a clever way. 

    If something or someone eludes you, you are not able to achieve or understand it. Spirituality can elude you.

    1. The thieves managed to elude the police.
    2. Bin laden has eluded detection for years.

    What is the meaning of escape ?

    Escape means to get away from a place (like jail) or a situation that is unpleasant or dangerous.

    1. Many prisoners have escaped.
    2. The boat sank but the crew escaped.
    3. Many people managed to escape from the burning building.

    What is the meaning of eschew ?

    Eschew means to keep away from something intentionally.

    You eschew something that you think not right, proper, etc., you deliberately avoid it.

    1. I eschew chewing gum.
    2. She eschew drinking alcohol.

    What is the meaning of evade ?

    Evade means to stay away from someone or something. 

    Evading something means finding a way not doing something that you should do. Corrupt officers evade their responsibility towards public.

    1. They always evade their duty.
    2. I evade the questions skillfully.
    3. The criminals have evaded the police.

    What is the meaning of shun?

    Shun means to avoid somebody or something.

    If you shun someone or something, you intentionally keep away from them. 

    1. He was shunned by his wife.
    2. We should shun the sun in summer.

    When to use these words :-

    Avoid implies to keep away from something or someone either deliberately or accidently. It is very common word, and we use it in place of other words.

    Escape suggests a deliberate action keeping away from an unpleasant or dangerous situation. One escapes from jail. One wants to escape from family responsibilities.

    • The thief has plan to escape from prison.

    Escape is also used to mean to manage to avoid something unpleasant or dangerous situation. 

    Elude implies to manage to keep away from something or somebody especially in a clever way. If something elude you means that thing is very hard to understand. 

    • Many students find that coding elude them. 
    • A hardcore criminal easily eludes the police.

    Evade suggests keeping oneself away from fulfilling the responsibility that you should have served. It carries the connotation of avoidance of duty or obligation in a secret and dishonest way. Politicians are known for evading their responsibility towards public. 

    Eschew suggests abstention, keeping away from something that you find morally wrong. You eschew things that you find morally wrong.  

    • We should eschew taking bribe.

    Shun suggests either abstention or physical absence. One can shun people as well as things. You shun yourself from late night parties. You should shun those relatives who only want money from you.

    • During his college exam, he shunned all his friends.

    We can use shun in place of eschew.

    In a nutshell

    Avoid is very common word to mean keeping away. It can be used in many sense.

    Escape is used to mean keeping away from unpleasant place or situation. It suggests intentional action.

    Elude suggests going away from somebody or situation by using intelligence.

    Evade suggests keeping yourself away from doing your duties.

    Eschew suggests keeping yourself away something that is morally wrong.

    Shun suggests purposely stay away from someone or something that seems to be dangerous.

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