Foreigner, Immigrant, Expatriate

Can we call immigrant and expatriate a foreigner ? Are they synonyms ?

Yes, immigrant and expatriate are also called foreigner, but they are not synonyms.

Let's see what these word mean.

    What is the meaning of foreigner ?

    Foreigner means a person who comes from a different county.

    1. Many foreigners are coming in India.
    2. She did not feel like a foreigner in the Old City anymore.

    What is the meaning of immigrant ?

    Immigrant means a person who has come to live permanently in a county that is not their own.

    1. Many of the immigrants in France come from Iraq.
    2. Millions of immigrants came USA from Europe in the 19th century.

    What is the meaning of expatriate ?

    Expatriate means someone who lives in a country they were not born in; they live there because of job or freedom, or any other reason.

    1. Indian expatriates is living in USA.
    2. There are a lot of expatriate  workers living in Dubai.

    What is the difference between foreigner, immigrant, and expatriate ?

    Those who come from different country are called foreigners. Foreigners are often tourist who want to see other countries. 

    Immigrants and expatriates are also foreigners. If a foreigner decides to live to another country permanently, they become an immigrant. They become immigrant because of various reasons like war, political instability, cultural difference, etc. 

    The word expatriate comes from ex and patria; ex means out of and patria means one's native country from pater, father. In past the word is used to mean "one who has been banished or kicked out of his or her native country. However, by 1902, it means one who chooses to live abroad.

    Immigrants who permanently settle in foreign country, but expatriates don't settle permanently. Expatriates go to foreign country for some time because of job, business,  political issues, etc.

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