be called vs. be known as

There are lots of way to call a name. Here we have listed some of them.

    be called

    We use this verb to have a particular name for a person, thing, or place.

    1. What is her son called ?
    2. There is someone called Sid outside.
    3. She called her dog Sam.

    be named

    This verb is used to give a name to somebody or something. Americans use this verb most of the time.

    1. Someone who is named Sid, Mark etc. has the name Sid, Mar etc.
    2. Their new baby girl is name Sita.

    be known as 

    We use this verb to describe someone or something that is clearly recognized by all people or to a particular group of people.

    If someone of something is known as a particular name, that is the name that people call them  although it is not their real name.

    1. Shahrukh Khan is known as king of Bollywood.
    2. He was known as drug dealer.
    3. He was known as Romeo to his friends.

    somebody name is ...

    This is simple way to call somebody name .

    1. I saw a white man whose  name is Bill Gates.
    2. My  name is Mark Zuckerberg

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