Promise, Guarantee, Insure, Assure (Difference)

 All these  words mean the same thing that is to make someone certain or doubtless. However their usages are different, they are not synonyms. Let's see when to use these words.

    What is the meaning of promise ?

    Promise means to tell somebody that you will definitely do or not do something. If you promise someone that you will do something, you will definitely do it.

    1. Our king had promised that the rich and privileged would no longer get preferential treatment.
    2. Son promises his mother that he will not waste his time.

    What is the meaning of guarantee ?

    As a noun, it means a written note of promise, a promise that something will happen.

    As a verb:-

    If you give guarantee of something to someone, you give surety or take responsibility of that thing.

    1. Jailor takes guarantee to free the prisoners.
    2. We want some kind of guarantee.

    What is the meaning of insure ?

    Insure means to make something sure, certain, or safe. It also mean to buy insurance for something, property or health.

    1. He insured the his car.
    2. This policy will insure your car against theft.
    3. We hope that careful planning will insure success.

    What is the meaning of assure ?

    Assure means to tell somebody that something is definitely true or is definitely going to happen, especially when they have doubts about it.

    If you assure your mom that your will finish your homework by Sunday, you make a commitment to have it done by Sunday.

    1. Hoover assured the American public that the explosives were seized and the saboteurs imprisoned.
    2. I assure you I was writing from the heart.

    What is the difference between assure, promise, guarantee, insure, and assure ?

    Insure implies to make safe, to protect against harm. Insure is like a contract between two parties. 

    If you insure yourself against something unpleasant that might happen in the future, you do something (like pay money to insurance company) to protect yourself in case it happens, or to prevent it happening.

    Assure implies to make someone certain about something when they have doubts about that thing.

    • The doctor assured him that his child would recover from the illness.
    • Our Pm assured that he would decrease the price of gas.

    Guarantee suggests to take responsibility for the quality of a product or service. It is an obligation that one has to fulfil. It is like an agreement.  

    Promise implies to make someone feel certain without doubts, but not sure about the outcome. It suggests intention, not obligation. You keep your promise if you have good intention; bad intention breaks the promise.

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