Weather vs. Whether vs. Wether vs. Wither

Is there any difference between weather, whether, wether, and wither ?

Yes, there is difference between these words, although they look very same. 

    What is the meaning of weather ?

    Weather means the condition of the atmosphere at a particular place and time, such as air, temperature, rain, cloudiness, etc.

    1. How is the weather?
    2. Today is very hot weather.

    What is the meaning of whether ?

    Whether is a conjunction which is used to express a doubt or choice between  two possibilities.

    1. I have doubt whether he is at home or not.
    2. My mom was unable to decide whether to go or stay.

    What is the meaning of wether ?

    A wether is a ram or  goat castrated (had its sex organs removed) at a young age.

    1. I have many wethers.
    2. I saw many wethers roaming around my field.

    What is the meaning of wither ?

    Wither means to become less or weaker.

    1. My plants had withered in the warn sun.
    2. My financial condition has withered.

    What is the difference between weather, whether, wether, and wither ?

    These words look and sound very similar that one can easily confuse. Although they look very similar, they have different meaning.

    Weather means state of air, rain, temperature, cloudiness in particular place and time. 

    Whether is a conjunction which is used to indicate choices or possibilities. It is used to talk about choice or doubt between two or more alternatives.

    Wether is a male sheep that has had its sex organs removed.

    Wither means to dry up slowly. If someone of something withers, they become very weak.

    How to memorize these words?

    Weather with "a" inside indicates "atmosphere". With the help of this trick we can memorize that weather with "a" means something related with air, temperature, rain, etc.

    Whether with "wh" is a conjunction. With the help of "Wh", we can memorize that this word tells about which one. Whether this or that.

    Wether without "h" and "a" means a sheep without sex organ. 

    Wither indicates "with her" ; If you are with her (assume any girl), you wither (become weak). This way we can memorize that wither means to dry up and dies.

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