Cloth vs. clothes vs. clothe | Do you know the difference between them?

What do you want to wear cloth or clothes, or clothe? Do you know which one is noun, and which one is verb? Do you know any difference between these words? If no, just read this post.

    Quick Look

    Cloth is a fabric material made by weaving wool, cotton, silk, etc.
    Clothes are something we wear, such as jackets, trousers, pants,etc.
    Clothe means to wear clothes.

    What is the meaning of Cloth?

    Cloth is a knitted material made from wool, cotton, silk, polyester, rayon, etc. Cloths are made of wool or cotton thread using machine or two long thin knitting needles.
    • This attire is made out of a silk cloth.
    • Why do people use a dirty cloth to wash dirt.

    What is the meaning of Clothes?

    Clothes are the things that people wear, such as shirts, coats, trouser, jackets, and dresses. 
    Clothes are usually made from cloth.
    • Children are walking around in dirty clothes.
    • Take your clothes off before swimming.

    What is the meaning of Clothe?

    Clothe is a verb. It means to dress yourself or somebody.
    Clothe somebody means to provide clothes for them to wear. "My mom used to feed beggars, and I would clothe them."
    • I like to clothe white shirt.
    • People clothe in white for a funeral.
    • Mountain was clothed with snow.
    • She needs a lot of money to feed and clothe her family.

    What is the difference between cloth, clothes, and clothe?

    Cloth is a noun. Cloth is used to mean a piece or length of woven material; a piece of cloth that is used for a particular purpose, such as cleaning things. Cloths is the plural form, meaning many sheets of woven or knitted item.

    Clothes is a plural noun.  Clothes are those things that people wear to cover their bodies and that are usually made from cloth, such as pants, shirts, underwear, etc.

    Clothe is a verb. Clothe is usually used as passive. 
    • He was clothed in blue shirt when I saw him last time.
    • My dogs were clothed in dirt.

    Cloth is used to make clothes that we clothe.

    How do we remember cloth, clothes, and clothe?

    Cloth without "es" and clothes with "es" are both noun.
    Clothe with e is verb. Clothe = verb.

    Is there any difference between clothes and clothing?

    No, there is no difference. However, clothes is used for specific set of garment whereas clothing is used for general category. Your pants, shirts, jacket, and coat are clothes whereas clothing suggests the entire covering of the body, including shirt, pant and undergarments, taken as a whole.

    Is there any difference between clad and clothed.

    Clad and clothed are both adjective. They both mean dressed in a particular way.
    What Good Word Guide says about their difference:
    Clad means the same as clothed but, except in expressions like thinly clad or ill-clad, is considered archaic or poetic. It can be used of things other than clothes: rose-clad trellises, or of clothes where the note of archaism is appropriate: clad in armour, but for ordinary dress, clothed is used: she clothed completely in black.

    According to The Columbia Guide to Standard American English says:
    Clad is a variant past participle of the verb clothe(the regular past participle is clothed). It is sometimes thought to be old-fashioned but in fact is still in common use in current Standard English (warmly clad skier; stainless-clad copper pans; She was clad top to toe in fur).

    Important Points
    Cloths is the plural of cloth.
    Clothes is a noun.
    Clothes (simple present) is a verb form of the verb Clothe.
    Clothing can be synonym of clothes.
    And clothing can also be used as a gerund.
    Clothing the beggar is an excellent work.
    The cloth is also used to refer to Christian priests as a group.

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