Anywhere or Anyplace | Somewhere or Someplace | You must known the right one.

What do you prefer anywhere or anyplace, somewhere or someplace? 
Just go through the post if you don't know which word is right.

    What is the meaning of anywhere?

    The adverb anywhere means in, at, or to any location, it does not matter where.
    • You can go anywhere you like.
    • You can't see a lion anywhere.
    Anywhere is also a noun
    • These men can go anywhere in the world.

    What is the meaning of somewhere ?

    Somewhere is a place not known, named, or specified.
    • They lives somewhere in the city. (don't know the name of place)
    Somewhere can also be used as noun.
    • I looked for somewhere to stay for four days.

    Can we use 'anyplace' instead of 'anywhere', and 'someplace' instead of 'somewhere'?

    Anyplace, and someplace is used in spoken English, and often assumed informal in written English. Anyplace, and someplace are colloquial terms for anywhere, and somewhere respectively. American English accepts anyplace, and someplace, while British English accepts anywhere, and somewhere.
    You shouldn't not use anyplace, or someplace in formal writing. 
    If you want to be in safe zone, you should use somewhere, and anywhere.

    ''Place'' is a noun and verb. It cannot be used as an adverb.
    Instead of using anyplace or someplace, you can use two words any place, or some place. But be sure of using preposition before " place". A preposition is used before noun.

    "Where'', however, is an adverb. A preposition is not used before an adverb.
    • I want to go somewhere. (right, standard, formal)
    • I don't want to go anywhere. (right, standard, formal)
    • I want to go someplace. (right but informal)
    • I don't want to go anyplace. (right but informal)
    • I want to go to some place. (right, preposition is here.)
    • I want to go some place. (wrong, preposition is not here.)

    Important Point

    Anywheres, and somewheres is misspelling of anywhere, and somewhere. These words should never be written with a final 's'.

    Is there any relation of word commonplace with someplace or anyplace?

     No, there is no relationship.
    Commonplace means something that is done very often, or existing in many places, and therefore not unusual.
    As a noun, it means an event, or a remark that is not new or interesting.
    • Mobile is now commonplace in every house.
    • It is a commonplace that we only use a small part of our brain's capacity.

    What is the difference between somewhere and anywhere?
    Anywhere means in any place, in any part of a particular place.
    You use somewhere to talk about a place when you don't know the name or exact location of the place.
      You don't usually use somewhere in negative sentences while anywhere is mostly used in negative sentences.

    However, you can use somewhere or anywhere in questions. 

    Collins Cobuild English Usage says:
    In questions, you can use somewhere, or anywhere. If you are expecting the answer 'yes', you usually use somewhere. If you don't know the answer will be 'yes' or 'no', you can use either somewhere or anywhere.  
    Are you taking a trip somewhere? You know your friend often goes on trip. You expect an 'yes'. 
    Is there an ashtray anywhere/somewhere? You are in no smoking zone, and you know that there is very least chance of any ashtray here.

    Other meaning of Anywhere, and Somewhere:

    You use anywhere to refer a particular range of things, i.e,  Round figures.
    • New iPhone costs anywhere from $2000.
    If you say that someone or something is not getting anywhere or is not going anywhere, you mean that they are not making progress or achieving a satisfactory result.
    • Your career is not getting anywhere.
    You use somewhere when giving an approximate amount, number, or time.
    • There are earning somewhere between one thousand dollar and two thousand.
    Getting somewhere means progressing.
    • My web business is at least getting somewhere.

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