Cease vs. Seize | Learn With funny tricks

Cease fire or seize fire? 
Can you choose the right word for fire?
If you don't know the difference between cease and seize, we will teach you the difference with trick.

    Quick Look

    Cease means to stop, to stop happening from something.
    Seize means to take something or somebody in your control.

    What is the meaning of Cease?

    The verb cease means to stop, or to put an end to; discontinue.
    Cease comes from French 'cesser', Latin 'cessare' meaning to give up or put an end to. 
     cease to do something.
     cease something.
    • The solders were ordered to cease fire.
    • My dogs never cease to make me happy.

    What is the meaning of Seize?

    The verb seize means to take somebody or something quickly, firmly, and forcefully.
    A group of people can seize a place. Government or other authority seize someone's property. If someone is seized, they are captured or arrested.
    • The police seized the corrupt officers.
    • Government seized the corona patients.
    • My mother seized my hand when I tried to flee.
    • The army has seized control of the town.

    How do you remember cease and seize?

    As usual, We have weird mind tricks for these words so that you mind is not going to forget it.

    Cease means to stop, to close, as close is one of its synonyms.
    Cease and Close both start with "C", and they both mean to end, stop or make something end.

    Seize means to hold or grab someone or something.
    We have very funny trick for this word.
    Seize, the word looks like 'Se  iz  mine': 'She is mine'; the sentence connotes holding, grabbing, and capturing someone. The word 'seize' suggests the same meaning as the sentence 'she is mine'. This way we can easily learn the meaning of seize.

    How to memorize their spelling?

    With the help of rhythmic sentences, we can easily memorize the spelling of these words.
    Cease: Problem point Cease.
    We can cease Corona with ease

    Seize: Problem point Seize.
    Se iz  e = She is(z) mine.

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