7 Common Grammar Errors In English For Competitive exams.

reason is because or reason is that; preposition "to" after the word "answer"; can we use the preposition "to" after the word "approach"; at the end or in the end; the other day or the next day;

Wrong- The reason is because I love her.   
Right- The reason is that I love her.   
Use the reason is that in place of the reason is because; reason means cause, therefore the reason is because is repetition and because is redundant. The correct way of writing is the reason is that ...

WrongPlease answer to my question.   
RightPleas answer my question.   
The noun answer takes to, like "teacher's answer to the students' question was wrong".
If the word answer works as noun, use preposition "to"; if it works as verb, don't use "to".

WrongYou should not approach to her house.   
RightYou should not approach her house.   
Approach itself means come near to.
If you add to after the word approach, the sentence means come near to to

WrongAt the end I completed my novel.   
RightIn the end I completed my novel.   
In the end means finally or at last. At the end means at the point at which something end, last point.
  1. I make a note at the end of the book.
                                            For more about at the end vs in the end
WrongHe took the medicines and was well the other day.   
RightHe took the medicines and was well the next day.   
"The other day" means a few days ago. If you say that something happened the other day, you mean that it happened a few days ago.
  1. I mailed you the other day. (a few days ago)
  2. We met in her house the other night. (a few days ago)

WrongAs usually, I forget to write.   
RightAs usual, I forget to write.   
According to Oxford, "As usual" is a correct phrase. We don't write "as usually".

Oxford Dictionary:-

WrongThe DVD comprises of three movies.   
RightThe DVD comprises three movies.   
Comprise itself means consist of. If you want to add of, you should use the word consist. The DVD consist of three movies.
"Is comprised of" can be written. However, many grammarian consider it incorrect.

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