Actuate vs Impel vs Induce

Actuate, Impel, Induce.
What is the difference between them.

What is the meaning of Actuate ?
Actuate is a verb; it means to motivate a person, or activate a machine, to cause someone to do something.

Actuate in a sentence:
  1. Motivational speech actuates us to do more work.
  2. When someone touched the machine, it automatically got actuated.

What is the meaning of Impel?
Impel is a verb; it means to cause someone to feel a strong need or desire to do something.

Impel in a sentence:
  1. The experience impelled her to find a way of prompting parents to record video messages for their children.
  2. A gradual rise in population densities impelled people to obtain more food, by rewarding those who unconsciously took steps toward producing it.

What is the meaning of Induce?
Induce is a verb; it means to persuade or influence somebody to do something.
In medical, it means to make a woman start giving birth to her baby by giving her special drugs.
Induce in sentence:
  1. Nobody would induce me to take the job.
  2. My mom would do anything to induce my dad to stay.

What is the difference between Actuate, Impel, Induce?
Now it seems that these three words mean the same thing: to motivate or persuade; however, they are used in different contexts. Let's know what those different contexts are.

Actuate is taken from the Latin word "actum" meaning 'an action', implies to call into action.
Actuate is used when there is some kind of motive, like "He has been actuated by money to start the business": this sentence means his motive of doing business is money, money is his motive that is why he gets actuated to start the business. 
When actuate is used in technical term, it means to operate a machine or electrical device.
  1. Only petrol can actuate the machine.

Impel is taken from the Latin "impello"; it is compound form of "in + pellere", "in" means toward and "pellere" means to drive, signifying to drive toward an object.
The push or passion of something impels you to get what you want.

Induce is taken from Latin word "induco" from "in + ducere"; "in" means 'into' and ''ducere'' means 'to lead', meaning to lead into an object.
One is induced by reason or inclination. If you want to induce someone to do something, you have to give the perfect reason of doing that thing.  

Use the word actuate if you have a motive for doing something, and someone boost your motive by motivation. He actuated me to complete my novel.
You get impelled whenever you have a  passion or feeling for something. You were impelled to join the army because your father was killed by terrorist. So, a feeling, push, passion impel you to something. 
A promise of a large amount of money can induce a man to do anything. The word induce is used when a greed is there to persuade someone to do something.
Impel means to drive toward an object. Induce means to lead into an object. 

In a nutshell
One is induced by reason or like. 
One is actuated by motives.
One is impelled by passions.

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