Black vs Blacken

Black or Blacken? what is the difference?

What does black mean ?
As an adjective and noun, black is a colour of darkest, like a coal.
Black as a verb means to make something black by colouring with black colour, turning off lights, covering windows, etc.
To black something also mean to refuse or boycott something.

Black in sentence:
  1. Labours have blacked the management.
  2. A power failure blacked out the city last night.

What does blacken mean?
Blacken is a verb; as a verb, it means to become black or to make black.
It also means to say unpleasant thing that give people a bad opinion of somebody.

Blacken in sentence:
  1. They blacken his face himself.
  2. Smoke has blackened the walls.
  3. The news channel trying to blacken political parties.

So, what are the differences ?
First of all, blacken is not the past participle of verb black.
The past participle of blacken is blackened.
The past participle of black is blacked.

Black can be a noun, adjective, and verb.
Blacken is only a verb.

If you want to say that something becomes or turn black itself, we should use the word blacken, like The room blackened when light cut off. Here you can't use the verb black.
As a verb, black means to make black; however, blacken means two things: to make black, and to become black.
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