amiss or a miss, abound or a bound, about or a bout and more such confused and misused words.

abound or a bound, about or a bout, abreast or a breast, abridge or a bridge, abroach or a broach, abroad or a broad, abut or a but, 
adown or a down, adrift or a drift, amaze or a maze, amiss or a miss, amuse or a muse 

Sometimes English words are arranged in such a way that may confuse you, like about or a bout, abut or a but, etc. We have brought more such type of words in this post.

abound or a bound
abound is a verb. It means to exist in great numbers or quantities.
  1. New faces abounds in my class.
  2. Hand-basket complainers abound in every culture in the world, now and throughout history.
a bound: a bound means a high or long jump.
  1. My dog can clear the boundary in one bound.
  • As an adjective, bound means very likely or certain to do or to be something, confined by bonds.
  • As a verb, bound means to run with long steps, especially in an enthusiastic way.

about or a bout
about is an adverb, adjective, and preposition.
As an adverb it means approximately.
As an adjective means be about to do something.
  • My father is about to ask about my exams.
As a preposition, about is used to describe the purpose of something.
  1. Movies is all about super heroes.
a bout: bout is a noun. It has several meanings: a bout is a boxing or wrestling match.
  1. I played a bout with my younger brother.
a bout means a short period of an unpleasant feeling or an illness.
  1. The baby couldn't recover from a severe bout of flu.

abreast or a breast
abreast means next to somebody or something facing in the same direction.
  1. People in morning walk wander abreast.
a breast is a body part of a female.

abridge or a bridge
abridge is a verb means to make something shorter by leaving some parts of them.
  1. I should abridge my novel.
a bridge is a structure that is built over a road, railway/railroad, rive, etc. so that people or vehicles can cross from one side to other.

abroach or a broach
abroach is an adjective. It means an opened so that the liquid can come out.
  1. The barrel was set abroach.  
a broach is a decorative pin worn by women.
  • As a verb broach means to bring up a topic for discussion.

abroad or a broad
abroad means in or to a foreign country.
a broad: a broad means a adult female. Calling a woman broad is an offense.
  • As an adjective, it means wide.

abut or a but
abut is a verb. It means to be next to something or to have one side touch the side of something, to touch along an edge.
  1. My house abuts onto her house.
a but: but as a noun means reason, a but means a reason that somebody gives for not doing something or not agreeing.
  1. I have many buts why I don't join that job.

adown or a down
adown means downward; it is an adverb.
As we know down means lower place.
A soft and fine feather of a bird is also known as a down.

amaze or a maze
amaze means to surprise somebody very much.
a maze is complex system of passages or paths designed to confuse people who try to find their way through it.

amiss or a miss 
amiss means in a faulty way; when things are not in their proper places or not happening the way they should, they are amiss.
a miss means a young lady; 
it also means a mistake.

amuse or a muse
amuse means to make somebody laugh or smile.
a muse is a person or spirit that give a writer, painter, etc. ideas and the desire to create things.

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