Amend or Emend, Learn with Mind Trick

Amend or Emend
You may forget the usages of these words or you may know the word amend, but you first time know a word like emend. What do they mean? How do we memorize the words? We will all discuss about them in this post.

What is the definition of Amend ?
Learn the word amend or emend with trick.Amend is a verb. It means to change a document, statement. Mostly, Amend is used to mean change a law.
Amend is also mean to change and improve something, such as a mistake or bad situation.
  1. Police tried to amend the situation in the city.
Amend in sentence:
  1. Political parties are ready to amend the law.
  2. The country's constitution was amended to allow women to vote.
  3. Parliament will vote to amend the constitution.
  4. Her husband tries to amend bad situation created by him.

What is the definition of Emend ?
Learn amend and emend with mind trickEmend is a verb. It means to remove the mistakes in a piece of writing before get printed.
You emend a piece of writing, you edit it making correction by revising.

Emend in a sentence:
  1. Authors should emend the novel before publishing.
  2. Her name on the certificate should be emended.
  3. Modi emended his date of birth.
The nouns form are amendment and emendation.

What is the difference between Amend and Emend ?
Emend is used to mean changes and improvements made to writing.
Amend is used to mean change in something written, such as a document or a law. It is also mean to improve a situation.
In brief, Emend is used for text editing especially while amend is used to mean revising a document or a law.

Mind Tricks:
You may face difficulty learning these two words that look very similar.
Amend means to change laws, and emend means to change or correct a text.
Now, we make the trick: Amend and law have one common alphabet, i.e "a"; with the help of "a", we can memories that Amend means to change law.
Emend and text both have one common alphabet, i.e "e"; with the help of "e", we can memories that Emend means to make change in text.

In a nutshell
Emend means correcting error in writing.
Amend means correcting any rule or law according to current situation.

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