7 Common Errors in English Asked In Exams

write with or write in,                                prohibited form or prohibited to,                              is mine's right?, 
between you and I?

Wrong- Students should write with pen. 
Right- Students should write in pen.   
Use the preposition in, not with, with the verb write. But in passive sentence, you can use the preposition with, like " The note was written with pen.

Wrong- She thought it was me.   
Right- She thought it was I.    
A noun or pronoun following a form of the verb be (is, am, are, was, were) must be in the nominative case.
The rule is that the word following the verb be must be in the same case as the word before the verb.
For example, "I was he." Pronoun "I" before the verb "was", so is pronoun "he" after the verb was.

Wrong- What is the reason of his departure?   
Right- What is the reason for his departure?     
reason of is not the correct way of writing. Preposition for is used with reason.

Wrong- They were shivering from cold.   
Right- They were shivering with cold.       
Don't write shivering from, write shivering with
Shivering with is the correct way of writing.

Wrong- The property should be divided between you and I.   
Right- The property should be divided between you and me.   
Don't write between you and I. You should always write between you and me
Objective case, me is the objective of I, is always required after a preposition. Here between is a preposition.

Wrong- I am going to a friend of mine's house.   
Right- I am going to the house of a friend of mine.     
You should avoid adding a possessive to a pronoun that is already possessive, like mine, yours, ours. To avoid these mistakes, you can use of phrase in place of 's.

Wrong- Black people are prohibited to enter the house.     
Right- Black people are prohibited from entering the house.   
The correct pattern is prohibited from not prohibited to.

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