Words for cloze test: cut, gash, incision, slash, slit

 Cut, Gash, Incision, Slash, Slit
These words have almost same meaning--to cut--but they are used in different situation. These words are asked in cloze tests. We will learn more about these words in this post.

what is the meaning of incision ?
Let's learn more about these cloze-test wrods.
Cut is a verb, noun, and adjective. As a verb it means to slice with sharp edge instrument.
As a noun it means the act of slicing with sharp edge instrument.
As an adjective it means something that has been separated into parts.
a cut forehead, a cut apple

Incision is a noun. It means the act of making a cut in something. Incision is a sharp cut made in something, particularly during a medical operation. 
It originates from Latin word "incidere" meaning 'cut into' from "in" meaning 'into' and "caedere" meaning 'to cut'.
  1. Most weight loss surgery today is done through small incisions.
  2. Three of the six incisions from the surgery were leaking.
  3. But then, as the surgeon made the first incision, she woke up.

A gash is a long, deep cut in the surface of something or your skin. If you gash something, you accidentally make a long and deep cut in it.
  1. He got a nasty gash in his leg while playing football.
  2. Robbers gashed the head of the man.

To slash something is to quickly and violently cut it. If you slash at a person or thing, you quickly hit at them with something sharp such as sword or a knife.
As a noun, it means a long and deep cut also.
The word slash is also used for decreasing price of something.
  • Prices of apples' products were slashed.
  1. The man slashed her throat.
  2. He then poured paint over the family cars and slashed their tyres.
  3. His throat also was slashed, the charges say.

Slit means a long narrow cut or opening 
As a verb it means to make a long narrow cut or opening in something.
  1. He began to slit open each envelope.
  2. She watched her husband through a slit in the curtain.

Incision or Gash or Slash or Slit. Differences:
An incision is a cut made for the purpose to gaining entry. Incision is made at the time of surgery.
A gash is a long and broad cut, usually accidentally produced. Someone can get gash when an accident happens to them.
A slash is a long, often deep cut with intent to injure with some sharp instrument like a sword or a knife. It is made by a long-swinging motion.
A slit is long and thin cut. An opener produces a slit in an sealed question paper. Students slit the sealed question paper purposely to see the questions before exam gets started.

Gash vs Slash vs Slit
The word gash means a jagged and ugly wound, and it is accidentally produced
Whereas, slash is a lengthy wound with some depth and it is intentionally produced.
Slit is a more precisely and narrower wound. It may be accidentally or intentionally produced.

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