Inveigh or Inveigle? Learn with the help of word Vehicle

Inveigh or Inveigle
Choose the right word.
Public ................... (inveighed/inveigled) against the rise in taxes.
Dana and I were in stitches, and we soon................... (inveigled/inveighed) more colleagues into joining the fun.

What is the difference between inveigh and inveigle?

Let's look more into these words:
Inveigh means to speak strongly against something or somebody. If you inveigh against something, you criticize it strongly.
  1. Public inveighed against the rise in taxes.
  2. Though Trump likes to inveigh against judges, his administration complies with court orders.
  3. Youth movements such as the Scouts inveighed against drink.

Inveigle means to cajole someone; to achieve control over somebody in a clever and dishonest way so that they will follow you. If you inveigle your mother into a prank against your father, your mother will follow you now.
  1. Dana and I were in stitches, and we soon inveigled more colleagues into joining the fun.
  2. In 1992 George inveigled me into filming a tiny part of his ambitious project called 32 Spires for Hibernia, his contribution to the unification of Ireland.

Sentence pattern:
For the word inveigh, we use "to inveigh against something or someone" (to inveigh against company)
For the word inveigle, we use "to inveigle into/to" (to inveigle somebody into/to doing something)

Mind Trick:
The word inveigh comes from the Latin word "invehere", in + vehere, the word vehicle also originates from the same Latin word, meaning to carry. From the word vehicle, we can easily learn the word inveigh, as both of the words vehicle and inveigh, apart form in, carry "veh", vehicle means a thing that carries something and inveigh means to carry in some kind of protest against something or someone.
In a nutshell
Inveigh means to protest about and it is always used with the word "against"like "inveigh against someone or something".
Inveigle means to persuade someone to do something in a clever way.
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