Run into meaning and sentence

Owing to my expenses, that run into thousands, I run into many problems. One day I was wondering about my expenses, and suddenly, my car ran into an another car; Inside the car, I ran into a very old friend of mine, thank god he was not injured. Life is full of surprises.
Confused? What is the meaning of run into. 

 run into meaning and sentence

Run into is a phrasal verb. A phrasal verb consist of a verb and a preposition or an adverb. It is informal and generally used in informal context. This post is all about the phrasal verb "Run into".

Run into meaning and sentence:
1. Run into
Run into means unexpectedly or unintentionally; when we meet someone unexpectedly, we run into them.
  1. I ran into Dhoni in Ranchi.
  2. My friends always run into me on my way to office.

2. Run into
When we unexpectedly meet any difficulties or problems, we run into them.
  1. My mom always runs into problems with her mobile.
  2. Learning English often run into grammar errors.

3. Run into
When we hit something, we run into it. A person is driving and hit another car or something else, such as tree, other vehicles, any person, the person runs into it/them.
  1. I ran into a electric pole.
  2. My father is old that is why he runs into random things.
  3. I was running fast, that is the reason I ran into her.

4. Run into
If total of some number extend to a amount, it runs into that amount.
  1. The number of people in India has ran into one billion.
  2. Our daily expenses run into thousands.

In a nutshell
Run into has many meanings. 
It means, 
  • to meet someone or any problems unexpectedly, 
  • to hit something into something, 
  • to cross a certain amount.

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