Words For Cloze Test 2: Disfigure, Blemish, Deface, Deform, Mar

Disfigure,  Blemish, Deface, Deform, Mar
They all have one common definition, i.e, to damage or spoil something good. Despite one common definition, they are used in different context. In this post, we will discuss what those different context are.

Disfigured face
Disfigure is a verb. Its mean to spoil the appearance of something. An acid attack may disfigure a girl's face.
  1. His face was disfigured by fire.
  2. She gets pushed aside when she’s disfigured by birth, her children soon leave, her beauty is gone.
  3. They killed my husband, they stabbed him, disfigured him.
Blemish on face
Blemish is a noun and verb; as a noun, its means a mark or flaw that spoils the appearance of something, especially on a person's body. Pimples or any other mark on somebody's face is known as blemish.
as a verb, its mean to mar or spoil the appearance of someone or something.
If something blemishes someone's character or reputation, it spoils it or makes it seem less good that it was in the past. 
  1. Her skin didn't have a single blemish.
  2. With almost every other player on this list, there's always a caveat, always a blemish.

someone defaces the note
Deface is a verb, its mean to spoil the surface or appearance of something by drawing or writing on it. If someone defaces something, they spoil it, such as, deface a wall by writing on it. 
  1. Child defaced a old statue in the museum.
  2. Pimples deface our face.

Deform is a verb. If something deforms a person's body or something else, it causes it to have an unnatural shape. A damaged womb can deform an unborn child.
  1. My son born with a deformed right hand.
  2. To deform is to force something to have a new shape by pushing or twisting it. 
  3. My dog's paws are deformed.
  4. He believes outside groups with money deform a system that’s supposed to be the direct voice of the people.

Mar as a verb means to ruin the beauty or perfection of something; to hurt or damage the good condition of something.
  1. Her bad acting marred the movie.
  2. Some bad scratches marred my car.

The Differences:
Disfigure and Mar imply permanent injury.  Apart from a living body, disfigure and mar can be used for other non-living thing as well.
Disfigure mainly suggests some change in the features of a body, like eyes, nose ears, if someone is disfigured, their appearance is spoiled while mar suggests damage to any part of a body.

Deface and Blemish imply less permanent injury. Deface is a deliberate action while disfigure is not.
  1. Attackers defaced the expensive paintings.
  2. Paintings disfigured by fire.
However, Deface and blemish can be interchanged with disfigure and mar in some context where less permanent injury occurs.

Deform implies a change or deviation from the normal body structure to abnormal. 

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