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Penchant  Predilection   Proclivity   Propensity

    People will admire your writing skill if you choose proper and exact word that must match that particular situation. Here, we have another word for Like. Let us see more another word for Like.

    Penchant (N)

    Another word for like Penchant borrows from French origin from the Latin pendere, in which penchant literally means inclined. a special liking for something; If you have strong preference for something like playing, eating, swimming, etc; it means you have strong liking for that thing.
    _____ for something
    • He has a penchant  for asking stupid questions.
    • Her penchant for mathematics helped her become an engineer.
    • Indians are penchant for food.

    Predilection (N)

    Another word for like Predilection is based on the Latin verb praediligere, or "prefer before others," which breaks down to prae means before, and diligere means"choose or love." It is natural, seen to have born with. If you like something and don't know why it means you have predilection for that thing.
    • Why do I always feel predilection for writing?
    • We should follow our own predilections.

    Proclivity (N)

    Another word for like is proclivity; A proclivity is a tendency to behave in a particular way or to like a particular thing, often a bad way or says:
    When you have a proclivity, it feels automatic — you like what you like; you don't even have to think about it. The origin of the word proclivity supports this feeling. Proclivity comes from the Latin word proclivis, which literally means "sloping forward." You slide toward a proclivity — no effort is needed.
    • Why do some people have proclivity for violence.
    • Men have proclivity for women.

    Propensity (N)

    A propensity to do something or a propensity for something is a natural tendency that you have to behave in a particular way .
                                      If you like something that is really bad, use the word proclivity, otherwise use the word propensity.
    • Trump has a propensity to scream, Kim has whimper.

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