Loose vs Lose vs Loss, Learn with unique mind trick

Loose vs Lose vs Loss
"We suffer loss when we lose our loose cat. "
The words Loose, lose and loss seem to have the same meaning, but it is not true. 
Let's know about their meaning and learn with unique mind trick.

loose or lose or loss

What our Dictionary says:
Loose (N/V/Adj.)
  • as an adjective, it means not firmly fixed where it should be; able to become separated from something, not tied together; not held in position by anything
We found a loose cow roaming in the village.
  • as an verb, it means to release something or let it happen or be expressed in an uncontrolled way. 
He loosed his stray dogs.

Lose (V)
  • If you lose something, you no longer have it, you don't know where it is, or you don't succeed to achieve something.
  1. The government lost the argument over the pace of reform.
  2. I lost my notes.
  3. I was terrified when I lost my parents.

Loss (N)
  • Loss is the fact of no longer having something or having less of it than before.
  • We make a loss, when we earn less than we spend.
  • Loss is also defined as death of someone; we feel loss when someone left us behind.
  1. The loss of income for the government is about $250 million a month.
  2. We are going to shut our company because of continued losses.

Loose vs Lose vs Loss- Difference:
Loose is a verb and an adjective. As an adjective it means free, unattached, uncontrolled; as a verb, it means to untie, to release.
Lose is a verb. If someone loses something, they no longer have it.
Loss is noun, and it is generally used when the number or amount of something lost: something that has some value- money value, love value, relationship value, etc.
Mind Trick:
Loose vs lose vs loss. what is the difference among loose, loss, and lose?

Common Errors:

I can't loose my weight.   
I can't lose my weight.    

No one wants to loose one's love. 
No one wants to lose one's love.

Old people have lose skin.  
Old people have loose skin.  

We have to worry because top terrorists on the lose again.   
We have to worry because top terrorists on the loose again. 

Whole world feels pity on the lose of our Prime Minister.   
Whole world feels pity on the loss of our Prime Minster.   ✔

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