Precede vs Proceed, Learn with Mind trick

Precede vs Proceed
Q. Choose the correct word:
As I proceeded/preceded up in the desert, I noticed some foot prints on the desert, proof that someone preceded/proceeded us.
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Go through the post for your answer.

Precede means to come before. Proceed means to go forward.  
Let's see more detail about these words.
What is the meaning of Precede ?
Precede means to happen, go, come, do, say before something or someone. If someone or something precedes another, it happens before it.

Precede in sentence:
  1. He preceded the meeting with a brief welcoming speech.
  2. The earthquake was preceded by a loud roar.

What is the meaning of proceed?
Proceed means to continue to do something, to go ahead, keep moving.

Proceed in sentence:
  1. After the interruption, he proceeded with his speech.
  2. We will proceed according to plan.

Mind Trick: How to memorize the difference between Proceed and Precede?
Proceed origins from the prefix procedere. Pro means forward or advance. Cedere means to go. So to move forward means to proceed. Its literal meaning is going or moving somewhere, while its figurative meaning is moving forward on a work or project.
You can get the idea of what the meaning of word proceed is with the help of its prefix pro that you already know means forward.
  Precede origins from the prefix pre means before and cede from cedere means to go. So to come before or happen before something or somebody means precede.

The words can be memorized with the help of their prefix.
Pre means before. You can connect the words with the e.
Pro means forward. You can connect the words with the o.

Some important phrasal verbs and words related with proceed.
1. Proceed against is a phrasal verb. It means to start a legal case against someone.
 Salman khan threatened to proceed against Shahrukh khan.
2. Proceed from means to come from a source.
 Illegal things are proceeded from the cars.
3. Proceeding is a noun. It is used in law; it means the process of appearing before a court of law so a decision can be made about an argument or claim.
4. Proceeds is a noun. Its mean the total amount of money or profit that is made in a activity.
The proceeds of the function will to to the family of martyr.

Correct answer :
As I proceeded up in the desert, I noticed some foot prints on the desert, proof that someone preceded us.

In a nutshell
Precede from pre, before and cede, go; It means to go before.
Proceed from pro means forward, and cede means go; it means to go forward.

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