9 Common mistakes In English

elder or older
maybe or may be
had better or better
to grow or to grow up
at present or presently

Wrong- I am independent from my parents now.  
Right- I am independent of my parents now.  
We write independent of someone or something (not from).

Wrong- When we breath, our lungs take in oxygen.  
Right- When we breathe, our lungs take in oxygen.  
Breath is the noun, breathe is the verb.

Wrong- May be he was not in the office.  
Right- Maybe he was not in the office.  
Maybe is an adverb that means perhaps. May be is a compound verb.

Wrong- My father is two years elder than my uncle.  
Right- My father is two years older than my uncle.  
Elder acts as an adjective, like my elder brother or a noun, like the elder of the two
Older is the comparative form of old. In comparative sentence, where we use than, use older.

Wrong- He did eleven mistakes in English writing.  
Right- He made eleven mistakes in English writing.  
We write Mistakes are madeMistakes are done is wrong way of writing.

Wrong- You were suppose to arrive here by nine.  
Right- You were supposed to arrive here by nine.  
Be sure to add the "" in the expression supposed to. "Supposed to" means should.

Wrong- I am very popular among my friends.  
Right- I am very popular with my friends.  
Correct way of wording is popular withnot among.

Wrong- You better go home at once.  
Right- You had better go home at once.  
The correct phrase is had better. You had better to means it would be good thing for you to go. 
Only better is informal term.

Wrong- When I grow I will be a doctor.  
Right- When I grow up I will be a doctor.  
To grow means to become biggerto grow up means to become an adult.

Wrong- My father is in India presently.  
Right- My father is in India at present.  
At present means now
presently means soon, for example, My son will come presently(soon, now).

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