Contemptible vs. Contemptuous: Learn with mind trick

Contemptible or Contemptuous
Both words are adjective; both words origin from the same root, contempt. Still they mean opposite things. Let's explore more about these words.

Contemptible vs contemptuous, learn with mind trick.

What is the meaning of Contemptible?
Contemptible is an adjective. 
Contemptible is something or someone who deserves dislike, disrespect, harsh comment, etc.
a contemptible performance deserve dislike.
a contemptible child deserves scorn.

Contemptible in sentence:
  1. Your child performance is very contemptible.
  2. My father used to punish me because my behavior was contemptible.

What is the meaning of Contemptuous ?
Contemptuous is an adjective.
It means feeling or showing that you have no respect for somebody or something.
If you are contemptuous of someone or something, you do not like or respect them at all.

Contemptuous in sentence:
  1. The girls in the party gave contemptuous smile to me.
  2. Students are contemptuous of teachers.
  3. Many actors are openly contemptuous of all the political parties.
In politics nothing is contemptible.
                                                                                        - Benjamin Disraeli

What is the difference between Contemptible and Contemptuous ?
First of all, we talk about similarity: both are adjective, both originate from the word contempt that means showing no respect.
Now difference: a contemptible person deserves harsh comment, disrespect and lots of dislike, because they have done something wrong.
A contemptuous person who shows contempt by a scornful look, by ignoring someone's presence or by some other visual expressions.
A Contemptible person deserves contempt, while a contemptuous person shows contempt.

Mind Trick: How to memorize the words.
The word contemptible made up of two words that is contempt + ible (able). Contempt means something or someone that deserves no respect and ible means able to. In brief, something or someone that is able to be hated is contemptible
Contemptuous, as ''ous'' is an ending form of an adjective that means "full of", so contemptuous means full of contempt.
You can learn the word contemptible with the help of word ible that is able, something or someone able to be hated.
You can learn the word contemptuous with the help of "u", as full of contempt means contemptuous
Contemptuous people are sure to be contemptible.

                                                                          - Nicolas Chamfort
In a nutshell:
Contemptible from contempt + able means worthy of contempt.
Contemptuous from contempt + ous means full of contempt. 
You can learn both of the words from able and full.
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