Cleanse or Clean, What is the difference ?

Cleanse or Clean
Choose the right word-
QTry to ............. your mind through meditation. (cleanse / clean)
You may be thinking the words cleanse and clean are synonyms. However, you may be right to an extent. They both have their own field of usages. In this post, you learn more about these words.

What is the meaning of Clean ?
Clean can be an adjective, verb, adverb, noun.
Clean means not dirty; to make something free from dirt or unwanted marks; as a noun, clean is the act or process of cleaning something.

Clean in sentence:
  1. It is our responsibility to keep our city clean.
  2. You must clean your hand before eating.
  3. My bike needed a quick clean.

What is the meaning of Cleanse ?
Cleanse something means clean it thoroughly and meticulously whether it is your body or mind.

Cleanse in sentence:
  1. Islamic tradition calls for the cleansing and burial of bodies as soon as possible after death.
  2. Pilgrims bathe in the river believing it cleanses them of their sins and ends their process of reincarnation. - Seattle Times

What is the difference between Clean and Cleanse?
The word clean is not specific and is used to mean purify anything.
The word cleanse is specific and is mostly used in religious contexts, as in cleanse us of our sins.
Cleanse is also used to wash a wound of body.

According to Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary:
The verbs clean and cleanse both mean "to make something or someone clean." Cleanse usually refers to making the body or part of the body clean.
  1. cleansing the skin
  2. The herb is believed to cleanse the body to toxins.
It can also refer to making a person's mind, soul, reputation, etc., clean.
  1. The ceremony is meant to cleanse people of their guilt and sin.
  2. Try to cleanse your mind through meditation.
Clean is more common than cleanse and its use is less specific.
Answer to the Question:
QTry to ............. your mind through meditation. (cleanse / clean)
Answer: cleanse is the right word, because it is specific here.

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